Tom Brady Demands Answers From a Familiar Foe

The NFL has remained on the track of hoping to get the 2020 season underway as planned in the coming weeks. However, there remain some significant hurdles in the way that could put that all in jeopardy. Many players have voiced their dismay with the entire situation that has further underlined the need for the NFL to step up to the plate to get things straightened out before next season. Those efforts will have to ramp up a notch with Tom Brady sending an urgent message to the league.

NFL still has festering issues before 2020 season

Throughout the last several months, Roger Goodell and the NFL has operated with the intention of moving forward with the 2020 season as planned.

It hasn’t been a clean process by any means as the league has received significant pushback from players over their handling of the situation. The NFL continues to conduct in a manner where the ultimate goal is to play out the regular season. That has led to the league to push back the date to training camp to the end of July.

Meanwhile, the NFL went from canceling the first two preseason games to upending the entire four altogether due to the lingering issues with the virus. There has been some significant pushback from the players as they aired their concerns about the lack of a coherent safety protocol. It didn’t take long for the league to agree to daily COVID-19 testing that will cost around $75 million.

However, it doesn’t stop there for the NFL as there are still more hurdles for them to push through to make the 2020 season happen.

Tom Brady pushing for Roger Goodell to step up

The NFL has made progress toward providing the appropriate setting and measures for the players to move through the 2020 season.

However, there remains the need to hammer out the financials of the situation as it’s expected that the players will take a pay cut for the upcoming campaign. That has led to Tampa Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady to voice via Twitter that the league needs to step up and work with NFLPA.

There are more questions than answers, but we must have faith in our NFLPA leaders, both players and staff, to get the game and the business of football in the right place. Let’s stay unified and demand necessary answers from the NFL as partners. We’re all in this together.

The words coming from the Brady certainly hold some weight given his status among his peers and influence on the league’s financial success. He’s one of the biggest NFL stars, and his comments should help shift things toward getting them done. Some will point toward Brady’s recent actions of holding workouts against safety measures that undermine the NFLPA.

The 42-year-old hasn’t operated in line with what the safety measures as he repeatedly went against the recommended safety precautions. That said, Brady’s voice is something that the league could use to guide the situation toward a mutual financial agreement.

What will unfold ahead?


Roger Goodell is Threatening Losing the 2020 NFL Season With His Financial Plan


It’s hard to gauge where things stand between the NFLPA and the NFL, but the clock is ticking with the starting of the regular season less than two months away.

The longer that the negotiations drag out, the more difficult it will become to proceed with a 2020 season that will begin on time. It will require sacrifice on both ends to get an agreement in place, but it’s clear that there is a keen mutual interest to move forward with the campaign despite lingering concerns over the coronavirus.

Ultimately, it will be in the league’s hands to do what’s best for the players.