Tom Brady Hates It When You Call Him This

Tom Brady’s had many nicknames during his career. Some call him Tom Terrific. Fans of other teams probably call him something unprintable due to his consistent success. But there’s one nickname the quarterback gets called often that he doesn’t care for. When asked about it recently, Brady said he wishes people didn’t use it as often. 

Tom Brady’s legendary career

Brady has one of the most unbelievable stories in NFL history. He was a good — not great — college quarterback at the University of Michigan. In the 2000 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots drafted him in the sixth round.

The young athlete was brought in to back up incumbent starter Drew Bledsoe, who was firmly ensconced in his role. When Bledsoe got injured during the 2001 NFL season, Brady entered the lineup and never relinquished his starting role.

He led the Patriots to an upset victory over the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl that year, and the rest is history. Here’s what Brady has accomplished during his illustrious NFL career

  • 282 games played
  • Win-loss record of 217-63
  • Completed 63.9% of his passes
  • 73,951 yards
  • 536 touchdowns
  • 178 interceptions
  • Three-time MVP
  • 14-time Pro Bowl selection
  • Three-time All-Pro selection

Brady’s case for being the greatest quarterback of all time

You can argue about who is the greatest quarterback of all time. Dan Marino may have been the best pure passer. Aaron Rodgers might be the most accurate. Peyton Manning may have been the greatest field general. Those are all valid points. But you have to admit that Brady should at least be in the conversation. 

No quarterback has ever amassed a resume like Brady’s, and it starts and ends with his team’s success. While it’s true that a football team takes more than one person to win, the quarterback is a crucial part of a team’s success.

Brady’s repeatedly been the common denominator across different Patriots’ championship teams. Each time New England wins, there has been variation in the roster’s makeup. But not at quarterback. Brady’s six Super Bowl wins tops any other QB. Here are the only ones who came close

  • Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana: four Super Bowls
  • Troy Aikman: three Super Bowls
  • 12 other NFL quarterbacks: two Super Bowls

To put this achievement into perspective: winning one Super Bowl as a quarterback is an incredible accomplishment. Winning two is almost unheard of. Brady has essentially tripled that feat. The bottom line: His case for being the greatest quarterback of all time is strong.

Why Tom Brady hates when you call him the GOAT

Calling someone the GOAT is one of the best compliments you can give. It stands for “greatest of all time.” Brady has certainly done a lot to earn this moniker and many people refer to him that way. 

When Brady recently spoke with NBC, however, he stated his dislike for being called the GOAT: “I’d rather you insult me or something like that. There’s a lot of important people in my life. I think every person I’ve been around, I’ve learned something from.”

The humility Brady shows here is part of what makes him so great. He’s always striving harder to be better and ultimately, the best. Although Brady added, “I try to do the best I can do. And I’m certainly not perfect,” his status as the GOAT is probably secure.