Tom Brady Highlights Sweaty Problem in the NFL

Once an NFL player reaches a certain pedigree, they’re allowed to do basically anything. Tom Brady takes advantage of this after two decades in the NFL. He skips some of the offseason workouts, learns how to preserve his body, and sticks towels down the pants of his centers. Crazy? Maybe, but there is actually a method to Brady’s madness. 

Tom Brady sweats the small stuff

It’s not hard to imagine what happens when a 300-pound NFL center is blocking defenders and running down the field. The quarterback is often sticking his hands beneath the sweaty backsides of these men. That is reason enough to see why he might take precautionary measures.

While any deep dive into the sweaty rears of NFL players is likely to produce a schoolboy chuckle, Brady’s insistence that his centers stick a towel in the back of their pants is something he believes has a positive effect on the overall game.

Aside from the gross-out factor, sticking his hands under a center’s backside means sweat can get on the football. And if sweat gets on the football, it’s much harder to throw with accuracy. He isn’t the only quarterback who has tried to raise awareness about the issue. 

Quarterback Kirk Cousins’ thoughts

The Minnesota Vikings had high praise for Garrett Bradbury when they took the NC State center with the 18th overall pick in the draft. His protection and knowledge of the game made him a no-brainer for a Vikings team that sought to boost their offense’s effectiveness. One thing not on the scouting report? Bradbury sweats profusely.

It’s something Kirk Cousins noticed, and he wasn’t shy about it. Saying that the rookie was aware of his perspiration, Cousins said he was assured it wouldn’t be the same in an air-conditioned stadium as it is on a hot practice field. Cousins voiced his legitimate concern about it with the media. 

“So that’s a big thing I’m gonna take away from Friday night, is how tough was it to grip the ball after he snaps it to me,” Cousins told journalists. “Uh, if it is tough we might be in pistol and shotgun all year.” It is, perhaps, a little too much information for fans, but when two quarterbacks discuss it, it shows that it’s a serious issue.

Tom Brady’s sweat fix

Several of Brady’s teammates noticed his concern, with David Andrews saying he tried to train his body not to sweat. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. According to Dan Connolly, Brady didn’t ask any questions before he came up with the towel fix. Instead, “He literally stood behind me, took his hand, and stuck the towel down my pants,” Connolly told CBS Sports).

Connolly went on to say it was uncomfortable to play that way, comparing the towel to a diaper that he had to get used to. It may be humorous to talk about, but there is an actual reason behind Brady’s strange tactics. This type of attention to detail may be exactly what makes him a superstar, and it may just have to be something his centers deal with as long as he is there