Tom Brady Gets Honest After Signing Brandin Echols’ Interception Ball: ‘That’s the Last Time I’m Going to Do That’

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers watched Tom Brady work a masterful drive with no timeouts to sneak out a victory against the New York Jets in Week 17. Sure, the game will be remembered as Antonio Brown’s final one in a Buccaneers uniform after the bizarre situation unfolded, but let’s not discredit what Brady did.

However, after the game, Brady signed a ball he threw to Jets rookie Brandin Echols — and it sounds like the future Hall of Fame quarterback won’t be doing that ever again.

Tom Brady delivers the victory but signed Brandin Echols’ interception ball after the game

The legend of Brady will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it. But, against the Jets, he tossed an interception to Echols.

After the game, Echols made it a point to get Brady to sign the ball, and why not? How often does Brady throw interceptions?

It isn’t very often a rookie picks off Brady, so you can’t fault Echols for asking for his autograph. That is an ultimate keepsake.

On the other hand, Brady acknowledged that might be the last time he does that.

Tom Brady admits he won’t be signing any more interceptions

In the most recent episode of the Lets Go! Podcast, Brady discussed signing the Echols’ interception ball, and it doesn’t sound like he will be doing that again (h/t Dan Gartland of SI).

“I don’t necessarily like signing mistakes, let me just say that. So that’s the last time I’m going to do that. I know it’s the season of giving—I don’t plan on giving any more gifts to people. It’s much better to receive than give from my standpoint as a quarterback.”

Tom Brady on signing the interception ball

Well, Brady sure made Echols’ day and brought a smile to his face with a memory that will last forever. Unfortunately, that looks like the final time Brady will do that.

Furthermore, Jets head coach Robert Saleh didn’t have a problem with that, either.

Classy indeed from Brady, but did we really expect anything else from the legend?

Brandin Echols surprisingly got negative attention for asking Brady for his signature

As the week went on, the Jets rookie surprisingly got negative remarks for asking Brady for the autograph. Yes, really.

What a strange take. Who wouldn’t ask Brady for his autograph? Saleh insisted that Echols was “ballsy” for asking the Buccaneers quarterback for his John Hancock.

The Jets head coach added more to Echols going to ask Brady for his autograph (h/t Joey Chandler of

“I have no problem with it, not at all, because I know what those guys go through and trust me. Echols cares that we lost and he cares that Tom had a hell of a game. But to be able to pick off a guy like Tom Brady — how many guys can say that, right?”

Robert Saleh

The consensus here is Echols did the right thing. After all, who wouldn’t want Brady’s autograph?


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Nonetheless, this looks like the last time Brady will ever do that again, so Echols’ ball just became much more valuable.