Tom Brady Isn’t the Only Person With 6 Super Bowl Rings

In the life of an NFL executive, player, or coach, there’s no greater feat than winning a Super Bowl. Some truly great representatives of the sport can go an entire career without winning a championship. Some, like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, win many times.

While Brady has a stellar track record of championships, he’s not the only person with six (or more) Super Bowl rings. Let’s look at who joins him in this exclusive club. 

Tom Brady’s Super Bowls

A fan picture of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his 6 rings
A fan picture of Tom Brady and his six rings | Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In 2002, Brady led the upstart Patriots to an upset over the St. Louis Rams. Since then, he’s a regular fixture in the Super Bowl. While the QB has lost three Super Bowls (two to the Giants, one to the Eagles), he’s defeated the following teams for NFL titles:

  • St. Louis Rams, 2001
  • Carolina Panthers, 2003
  • Philadelphia Eagles, 2004
  • Seattle Seahawks, 2014
  • Atlanta Falcons, 2016
  • Los Angeles Rams, 2018

Brady didn’t win a Super Bowl this season, but if he returns next year with the Patriots, he’ll have another shot. The 43-year-old would like to play until he’s 45. But which players, coaches, and executives can make the same claim of six Super Bowl rings? 

Players and personnel with six or more Super Bowl rings

Many of the people in the “six Super Bowl ring” club received them with Brady’s team, the Patriots. Here is a list of every player, coach, scout, or front-office executive with six Super Bowl rings:

Executives/front office/scouting

  • Robert and Jonathan Kraft, owners, New England Patriots
  • Dan Rooney and Art Rooney II, owners, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ernie Adams, football research director, New England Patriots
  • Nick Caserio, various front office roles, New England Patriots
  • Bill Nunn, scout, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Brian Smith, various front office roles, New England Patriots


  • “Mean” Joe Green, player/special assistant, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mike Woicik, conditioning coach, Dallas Cowboys/New England Patriots
  • Chuck Noll, coach/special assistant, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator, New England Patriots
  • Ivan Fears, positional coach, New England Patriots

But believe it or not, none of these men hold the record for six Super Bowl rings. That would be two other football lifers. 

Who has more than six Super Bowl rings?

The two most notable figures mentioned above are the two men with more Super Bowl rings than Brady: Patriots coach Bill Belichick and former executive Neal Dahlen. 

Dahlen was an executive for the San Francisco 49ers, where he won five Super Bowls. He was also an executive with Denver, where he won two more championships. He is second all-time in Super Bowl rings with seven. 

Belichick has, of course, won six Super Bowls as the Patriots’ head coach. He also won two Super Bowl rings as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants. Belichick’s defensive wizardry was a big reason why the Giants prevailed over the Bills in Super Bowl XXV. 

Will anyone surpass either of these two? Brady does have the best shot. But if he stays in New England, he’ll never move past Belichick. Brady’s only shot is to move in free agency so he could free himself from his coach. The smart money isn’t on that happening, so expect Belichick to remain the all-time leader for a while.

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