Tom Brady Just Got the Motivation He Needed From Cam Jordan

Since Tom Brady decided to leave the New England Patriots and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there has been plenty of buzz around his new NFL home. Many have pegged them as a possible Super Bowl 55 contender with Brady leading the charge. The momentum continues to build as the 2020 season draws closer, but not everyone feels that energy in Tampa Bay. That has led to star defensive end Cam Jordan giving his two cents on the situation, which may have provided Brady the extra motivation he needed.

Buzz around Tom Brady, Bucs

The Buccaneers’ level of excitement has reached an all-time high after the arrival of Tom Brady this offseason.

That followed the franchise acquiring more talent behind him with longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski coming out of his brief retirement and signing LeSean McCoy to a one-year deal. The Buccaneers have put forth a talented offensive roster that many believe could be another contender in the NFC in the 2020 season.

It has put the rest of the league on notice with what could be another potential powerhouse. However, one of Brady’s new rivals isn’t completely buying into the buzz in Tampa Bay.

Cam Jordan gives Tom Brady motivation

In the last couple of years, the New Orleans Saints have become the toast of the NFC South.

The Saints have put forth three straight double-digit win season backed by earning the division title in each instance. With that in mind, Pro Bowl defensive end Cam Jordan voiced on Monday that Tom Brady and the revamped Buccaneers will be playing for second place in the division behind New Orleans. (H/T

“But I do know we have to step up our game, we’ve got to elevate,” Jordan said with a smirk. “They’ve got the second-greatest quarterback of all-time, right behind Drew Brees, and now we’ve got a head-to-head two times a year. We’ve got our work cut out for us and then they have an addition, you bring in Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy, you already had two 1,000-yard receivers in (Chris) Godwin and Mike Evans. This is a team that’s fighting for second place.”

Jordan has plenty of reason to be confident in the Saints in the 2020 season after coming off another impressive campaign. New Orleans is the standard bearer in the division, which is something Brady would admit. The statement at Drew Brees being the greatest quarterback of all-time may be a little jab at the 42-year-old, but it shows Jordan’s utmost confidence in his team.

All that further intensifies the rivalry and competition that will take place in the NFC South in the 2020 season.

Prove it on the field


Tom Brady Just Scored a $1 Million Boost to His Super Bowl Chances

Cam Jordan may have unwavering confidence in his team but has noticed the significant moves the Buccaneers have made this offseason.

Tom Brady has an opportunity to carve out another chapter in his legacy away from the Patriots. He’s joining a team that already possessed a pair of Pro Bowl wide receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, which has the chance to be something special. The Saints have set the bar in the NFC South, which could see these two teams vie for the division title.

Brady may be heading into his 21st season, but it’s hard to discount what he has shown over his first two decades in the league. An improved group of offensive talent around him may be what is needed to get him back on track from the struggles he experienced last year. It’s a chance to prove he has much more left in the tank.

The pieces are in place for the Buccaneers to be a massive factor in the playoff picture in 2020.