Tom Brady Just Pissed off NFL Fans by Doing Nothing

Tom Brady is exiting a highly successful stage in his career with the New England Patriots and entering another chapter with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Throughout his time in the league, Brady faces the constant hatred toward him due to his success and various controversies that arose during his time in New England. With that in mind, he is once again receiving the brunt of anger from NFL fans for something he didn’t even do.

Tom Brady’s constant battle with hatred

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Throughout his career, hatred has been normalcy of emotion toward Tom Brady during his two decades with the New England Patriots.

Brady was the critical piece that helped guide the franchise to consistent success over that span with nine trips to the Super Bowl with six wins on that stage. That created much disdain from opposing fan bases because of the team’s continued success. Meanwhile, other factors such as Spygate and Deflategate only further enhanced that hatred toward him and the Patriots.

It’s something that fuels his play and has stuck around through the bulk of his illustrious career. That sentiment has once risen again toward Brady, but it’s not due to something he did on the football field or even something he uttered on social media or any other platform.

Tom Brady’s Madden rating has NFL fans fuming

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Tom Brady is clearly no stranger to pissing off NFL fans for what he does on the football field. However, that has once again caught him in the middle of that disdain.

EA Sports decided to unveil their initial player ratings for the upcoming Madden 21, highlighted by the 10 top overalls for each position. It didn’t take long for criticism to be thrust down on the quarterback ratings as Brady earned a 90 overall, which put him fifth overall behind Patrick Mahomes (99), Russell Wilson (97), Lamar Jackson (94), and Drew Brees (93).

The issue comes with him ranking higher than the likes of Aaron Rodgers (89), who many believe is a better talent at the position. It has been the conversation that has remained throughout much of the last decade. That has created a stir on social media, with many pushing for EA Sports to put Rodgers’ rating higher and above Brady. Both star quarterbacks saw their production dip in 2019, but the 42-year-old posted only 24 touchdown passes, which was his lowest total in a season in more than a decade.

The disdain is nothing of Brady’s doing, but it shows that his critics will find ways to push him down.

Tom Brady’s outlook for the 2020 season

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The continued hatred toward Tom Brady aside, he is set to enter a new chapter of his career with the Buccaneers.

Brady will be donning another uniform for the first time in his career with a chance to add another incredible stint to his Hall of Fame resume. Some believe that Father Time will start to catch him in Tampa Bay, but he’s entering a situation that could have much promise. He will have a plethora of promising offensive talent around him with Pro Bowl wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin along with a familiar face with star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The pieces are in place for Brady to showcase that he still has plenty left in the tank to play at a high level. The motivation certainly remains there to prove his doubters his wrong, and the Madden criticism only adds another layer to it all.