Tom Brady Just Sent His Loudest Critics a Stern Warning to Never Doubt the GOAT

Throughout the latter portion of his career, Tom Brady has heard chatter concerning his ability on the field. Much of that talk crept up as before entering his 21st season and first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady answered the bell by leading the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win. The future Hall of Famer has now chosen to fire back at his biggest critics the only way he knows how.

Tom Brady captures his seventh Super Bowl win

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Last offseason, Tom Brady chose to take an entirely new career path by leaving the Patriots after two decades.

Brady’s journey immediately created tremendous excitement around the Buccaneers’ outlook for the 2020 season. The campaign began with some expected adjustment bumps along the way, but Tampa Bay eventually figured things out with the future Hall of Famer.

The 43-year-old demonstrated that he still has plenty of life left in his arm behind his impressive 21st season. Brady finished third with 4,633 passing yards and tied for second with 40 touchdown passes.

Brady picked it up a notch in the playoffs, helping move the Buccaneers to three straight road wins to capture a Super Bowl berth. Tampa Bay then breezed past Patrick Mahomes and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs in convincing fashion.

After all that, Brady continues to relish his latest career feat he now chose to send a crystal clear reminder to his most prominent critics.

Tom Brady just sent his loudest critics a stern warning to never doubt the GOAT

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Following a discouraging finish to the 2019 season, Tom Brady dealt with his fair share of criticism regarding the New England Patriots’ shortcomings.

Brady’s move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came with additional doubt that he can lead the franchise to the Super Bowl. Following achieving just that in his first campaign in Tampa Bay, the 43-year-old used the opportunity to fire back at his loudest critics via social media.

The one-minute video displayed the many different sports media outlets that didn’t believe Brady could win another Super Bowl in his 21st season and that his best days were behind him. The post features headlines criticizing him and his teams, including prominent talk show voices such as NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, FS1’s Nick Wright, and ESPN’s Max Kellerman.

Brady clearly heard all the noise over the last year and used it as additional motivation to guide him forward. Beyond that, he also proved that he has plenty left in the tank to add more Super Bowl wins to his illustrious resume.

Opportunity ahead to add to his legacy

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As Tom Brady revels in his success, his focus is quickly shifting over to replicating that in the 2021 campaign.

His drive and dedication to his craft are what continues to push him to compete for championships. Brady will have the hurdle of getting past his left knee surgery this offseason, but that should only create a stronger drive to win his eighth Super Bowl.

If the 2020 campaign proved anything is that Brady still has plenty left in him to compete at an elite level. His commitment to his health has helped further extend his NFL career to where he can add more to his legacy.

The Buccaneers have some significant decisions ahead in free agency, but the expectations will remain the same with Brady still at the helm.