Will Tom Brady’s New Contract Finally Make His Net Worth Higher Than Gisele Bündchen’s?

It’s still a mystery as to when Tom Brady will truly, finally retire, especially if his whirlwind 2022 offseason is any indication. But what’s less mysterious is what Brady plans to do once he does call it quits. 

Brady just signed a fat contract with Fox Sports to provide NFL commentary once his career ends. It’s no surprise. There was no question that after Brady wrapped an illustrious playing career, he would move onto some kind of lucrative second profession. The real question is whether this will help him surpass his wife, Gisele Bündchen, financially. 

Let’s take a closer look at just how much Brady stands to make on this deal and whether this will push him to true “breadwinner” status in his household. 

What is Tom Brady’s net worth? 

Tom Brady’s current estimated net worth is $250 million. That’s set to go up considerably with his new deal from Fox Sports. 

Fox didn’t release a dollar figure with its press release announcing the deal, but word got out that it is massive. An ESPN report estimates the deal to be worth $375 million. That’s rarefied air for a sports broadcaster. 

To put Brady’s deal in perspective, the top-earning football commentators prior were Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, both of whom earn $18 million per year, according to USA Today. Brady’s deal will trounce both of theirs once he puts on the headset. 

But how does his new net worth stack up to his supermodel wife? 

Will Tom Brady’s new contract finally send his net worth higher than Gisele Bündchen’s?

The running joke is that despite Brady’s countless accolades and riches, he isn’t even the top-earning person in his house. That honor belongs to Bündchen, who has an estimated net worth of $400 million

Of course, both of them are wealthy beyond most people’s wildest dreams, so it’s almost comical to debate which one earns more when they both make so much. But it appears that even with his major contract from Fox, Brady will remain the No. 2 earner in their home. 

Brady’s $375 deal is rumored to be spread out over 10 years as opposed to being a one lump sum payment. It makes sense; Fox wouldn’t invest in the quarterback for a short amount of time. That means the deal has an average annual value of $37.5 million per year. While that is an impressive amount, it wouldn’t help him make up the $150 million difference between his net worth and Bündchen’s.  

This doesn’t mean Brady can’t match her in other ways. He’s certain to receive more endorsements and financial opportunities after he heads into retirement. But for now, it appears like she has him beat

What is Tom Brady’s NFL salary in 2022?

Tom Brady smiles at a charity golf challenge at the Miami Beach Golf Club in 2022
Quarterback Tom Brady at a golf club in 2022 | Manny Hernandez/Getty Images

There’s been so much discussion of Brady’s future broadcasting deal — which, by the way, doesn’t begin until he retires from the NFL — that it’s easy to overlook his sizable salary as a pro athlete. 

Spotrac reports that Brady will earn $15 million in 2022. While that’s certainly a lot of money for the average person, Brady’s actually severely underpaid by NFL standards. He’s the 17th highest-paid QB, the 100th highest-paid player in the NFL, and only the third highest-paid player on his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When you consider how much NFL quarterbacks make, and how successful Brady has been over his decorated career, it’s easy to think he’s undervalued. It appears as though Brady will more than make up for this in his post-playing career when he moves to the booth. 

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