Tom Brady Is Such ‘a Pretty Man’ He Left an NBA Star ‘Embarrassed’ When the 2 Men Crossed Paths

When fans get to meet athletes or celebrities, they may end up feeling starstruck. It’s a weird feeling to meet someone you have watched on TV for years. However, some stars are just so big that even other stars get starstruck when meeting or coming face to face with them. That’s the case with NFL quarterback Tom Brady. In fact, when Brady crossed paths with one of the biggest superstars to ever play in the NBA, the former baller actually ended up feeling embarrassed. That former player is NBA legend Charles Barkley.

NFL legend Tom Brady is a star of all stars

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When you think of the face of the NFL for the past two decades, you probably think of Tom Brady.

Brady’s success with the New England Patriots ultimately made him the star he is today. During his career in New England, Tom Brady earned 14 Pro Bowl selections, three MVP awards, and he went to nine Super Bowls, winning six of them. He then, of course, added another Super Bowl title in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 to increase his ring count to seven.

While Brady has proven to be an incredible quarterback winning-wise, he has also proven that he’s the GOAT statistically. Brady is in the top two all-time in passing yards and No. 1 in NFL history in passing touchdowns.

Of course, his talents have helped him make a significant amount of money on the field, but Brady has been just as successful off the field. According to Forbes, Brady made an estimated $12 million from endorsements in 2020, proving that companies will literally pay the big bucks to connect their product to his superstardom.

So, sure, with Tom Brady’s face being all over TV and different ad campaigns for nearly 20 years, the normal fan may get starstruck when meeting him. However, Charles Barkley actually got embarrassed when the two ran into each other.

Charles Barkley felt embarrassed when crossing paths with the NFL QB

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In 2019, Charles Barkley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed how Patriots coach Bill Belichick — a long-time friend of Barkley’s — invited him to the team’s practice before the Super Bowl that year. Barkley, of course, accepted the invitation, which led to him eventually crossing paths with the GOAT, Tom Brady.

“I made a mistake, Jimmy,” Barkley said to Kimmel on the Feb. 13, 2019 episode. “I looked Tom Brady in the eyes. I’m looking at these guys and all of a sudden I look at Gronk, and then Tom Brady’s like right here. I look him in the eyes, and I said, ‘Damn, you a pretty man.’ That’s what I was thinking to myself, and I got so embarrassed I started turning my head to talk to him. … I see why he scores all them touchdowns because those defenses are looking in his eyes. They get mesmerized. That Tom Brady, he’s a pretty man, y’all.”

Well, that’s hilarious. One would have to wonder what Tom Brady thought of Sir Charles during that encounter.

Either way, this wasn’t the first and probably wasn’t the last time that Brady has had a fellow athlete compliment his good looks.

Tom Brady’s fellow NFL players have complimented his looks in the past

NFL legend Tom Brady at his TB12 Grand Opening Event.
NFL quarterback Tom Brady poses during the TB12 Grand Opening Event on Sep. 17, 2019. | Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe via Getty Images

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While many people compliment Tom Brady as a football player, some stars have also commented on how good he looks. Lions and former Rams quarterback Jared Goff once started off a Red Bull ad where he said, “OK, I’m just going to say it. Tom Brady is really handsome.” Red Bull may have told him to say that, but he still said it.

One of the funniest comments, though, came from Brady’s former teammate Devin McCourty. Before the AFC Championship Game in January 2018, McCourty received a question about a hand injury that Brady had been dealing with at the time. He then gave a great answer.

“Tom looks excellent every day,” McCourty said, according to USA Today. “One of the best-looking people I’ve ever met. When you look at Tom, I mean, the facial – it’s hard to look at anything else. I really only saw his face.”

Some stars are just so big that they are a celebrity to other celebrities; some of them are also just so good-looking that other stars have to comment on how much of “a pretty man” they are. It appears that Tom Brady falls into both of these categories.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference