Tom Brady May Have Already Revealed How Bad His Knee Surgery Really Was

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a few weeks removed from securing an impressive Super Bowl 55 win. However, the chatter remains hovering over Tom Brady‘s offseason surgery due to lack of transparency concerning the details. It now looks to be that Brady may have subtly outlined the extent of the operation.

Tom Brady undergoes offseason knee surgery

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In Tom Brady‘s first campaign with the Buccaneers, there wasn’t any indication concerning a nagging injury.

The star quarterback wasn’t listed on the injury report once in the 2020 campaign, aside from taking Wednesday practices off for rest purposes. Brady’s health became a question after Super Bowl 55 as he was spotted wearing a knee sleeve during the team’s championship celebration.

Since then, the 43-year-old has undergone what the organization deems as “minor” offseason surgery. The details of the operations have remained out of the public realm, which has created some dialogue around the seriousness of the procedure.

The Buccaneers have played the situation close to their vest, voicing little concern about it significantly impacting his availability this offseason.

However, it appears that Brady may have revealed a massive clue concerning the extent of the surgery.

Tom Brady may have already revealed how bad his knee surgery really was

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Since Tom Brady underwent offseason knee surgery, there have been droplets of information concerning the extent of the operation.

The Buccaneers have remained mostly quiet concerning the details of the procedure. Meanwhile, they have stayed on course with the notion that it won’t drastically impact Brady’s offseason plans. With that in mind, the seven-time Super Bowl champion may have already revealed a substantial clue about how serious the surgery was.

Last week, he sent out a playful suggestion on Twitter asking what he should do over the next five months. That time frame alone falls in line with head coach Bruce Arians’ recent comments stating that he expects Brady to be back on the field by June, which is roughly five months away.

“I’m hoping we have an offseason for the younger players. Tom doesn’t need it,” Arians said via the Ben Volin of the Boston Globe . “He doesn’t have to be out there throwing it anymore. He can be standing there coaching the [expletive] out of them.”

A few weeks ago, Volin also hinted that Brady’s surgery was more serious than the clean-up procedure that the Buccaneers publicly stated. Keep in mind; it’s the same knee that he tore his ACL back in 2008.

Regardless of all the chatter, the Buccaneers will provide Brady all the time he needs to get physically ready to play football. If Tampa Bay hopes to contend for another Super Bowl, the 43-year-old must be one of their forces. 

Cautious approach lies ahead

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The bigger picture of the entire situation around Tom Brady is that the Buccaneers are operating cautiously.

Tampa Bay laying out a broad timetable of nearly five months will give Brady all the time he needs. There is also the factor of his age as he enters his 22nd season, with hopes of securing his eighth Super Bowl win.

The Buccaneers will move forward with whatever is deemed best to physically prepare Brady for the 2021 campaign. Yes, he will lose some valuable offseason time to build stronger on-field chemistry with his teammates. Still, the remaining few months in the offseason will allow him to garner additional comfort in running the offense.

There won’t be the same adjustment period he had to experience last year due to the lack of an offseason. Brady can use the time away to allow his body to heal and further grow comfortable with the playbook.

The surgery is an uphill battle that he will have to overcome, but there is plenty of time this offseason to properly prepare for a Super Bowl defense.