Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Hilariously Trolled by Brewery

It has been around three months since the New England Patriots saw future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady depart for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It has also seen former star tight end Rob Gronkowski come back from his brief retirement to force a trade to the Buccaneers to join his longtime teammate. There has been plenty of reaction since then regarding the leaving of two all-time greats to Tampa Bay. A brewery has taken that opportunity to take a playful jab at Brady and Gronkowski.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski join Bucs

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Over the last several months, the writing had been on the wall that Tom Brady could be on his way out of New England after two decades.

Brady had continued to leave the door open with free agency while there wasn’t any significant chatter from the Patriots that they were going to work out a new long-term deal. It led to the 42-year-old to take the situation into his hands by signaling his departure from New England and not long after that landing with the Buccaneers on a two-year, $50 million deal.

In the weeks following that monumental move, Rob Gronkowski helped orchestrate a trade to Tampa Bay to join his longtime teammate in their new venture. Brady played a significant part in helping get Gronkowski over to the franchise. Since then, there has been plenty of feedback on the situation that has seen one brewery take a unique approach.

Brewery trolls Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

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It has remained a relatively new situation for Patriots fans to deal with seeing their face of the franchise depart after 20 years with the franchise alongside fellow future Hall of Famer for much a significant chunk of that time.

There has been an overwhelming amount of appreciation for what the two helped accomplished together with the franchise. However, a brewery named Smug Brewing, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island has taken this opportunity to troll the two all-time greats with their new beer called “Traitorade.”

It’s clearly in honor of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski as the logo looks like the old Buccaneers’ “Bucco Bruce” logo instead with a chicken as the character. While the company stated that the beer reminds them of “getting old and having to retire in Florida.”

There aren’t any harsh feelings, but the brewery couldn’t pass up the chance to take a playful jab at two former Patriots stars in a unique way.

What to expect from Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in 2020

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All the trolling aside, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have a fresh new opportunity.

It’s a chance to prove that they can win at a high level away from the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick. There is nothing but a great deal of respect from toward the franchise and their former head coach, but it’s evident that the team was ready to move off both of them.

Brady has the chance to add to his legacy with a strong run with the Buccaneers, while Gronkowski has a chance to prove he can still play at a high level. Tampa Bay has put together a promising roster offensive that could see them become a legitimate playoff contender in 2020 and possibly much more.

There is a significant adjustment that Brady and Gronkowski must make in their first season with the Buccaneers, but the opportunity is there to show they have plenty left in the tank.