Tom Brady Shows He’s More Than a Super Bowl Champion With 1 Text to Tyrann Mathieu

When playing sports competitively, a players’ desire to win can be so strong that they get into it with opposing players. In Super Bowl 55, tempers definitely flared as Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu were seen jawing with each other on multiple occasions.

The only two people who know what was said is Mathieu and Brady. It seemed to have offended Mathieu, as he continued speaking about it after the game. Even after demolishing the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady wanted to make sure he reconciled with Mathieu for the words he said to him during the game.

Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu have many verbal altercations

The Super Bowl didn’t live up to its lofty expectations, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dismantled the Chiefs 31-9. The game didn’t have much entertainment value, except for the streaker who ran onto the field. Second, behind the streaker was the ongoing beef between Brady and Mathieu during the game.

The majority of the beef was in the first half when the game was still close. Mathieu got an interception on Brady, but it was negated due to a Chiefs penalty. He was penalized on a pass interference call, leading to Antonio Brown scoring on Mathieu for a touchdown late in the half. It was then where the ongoing feud between Brady and Mathieu hit its climax.

After the score, Brady ran over to Mathieu and began talking to him. Mathieu responded to Brady, and teammates and officials had to separate them. He was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the play, which raised the eyebrows of many because Brady was the one who initiated the back and forth. Mathieu had to be calmed down by defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, clearly frustrated.

The war of words between Brady and Mathieu was more entertaining than the Super Bowl itself. If only one of those players were mic’d up so the audience could’ve heard what they said. That might’ve not been a good idea after all, as Mathieu claims Brady called him some harsh words during his Twitter rant.

Tyrann Mathieu blast Tom Brady in a deleted Twitter rant

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When something gets posted on the internet, somebody is going to save it. So when Mathieu went off on Tom Brady after the Super Bowl, it was going to resurface quickly. The star safety called out Brady in the now-deleted tweets, saying the seven-time champion said some words that shouldn’t be repeated. 

“He called me something I won’t repeat, but yeah, I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him,” Mathieu said per USA Today. Mathieu commented about his words with Brady postgame, saying that “he’s never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest.”

Mathieu’s comments in the deleted tweet have more people intrigued, wanting to know what No. 12 said to him. Brady didn’t take any questions regarding his altercations with Mathieu during his postgame media availability. Mathieu was surprised at Brady’s words because of the respect he’s shown him in his career but won’t dwell on the situation any longer.

“Go back to my previous games against TB12. I showed him nothing but respect. Look at my interviews about him…I show grace…But whatever. No comment. It’s over with. I’m done with it,” said Mathieu.

Tom Brady sends text apology to Tyrann Mathieu

With how Super Bowl 55 went down, Tom Brady had the right to trash talk. He was sensational, completing 72% of his passes for 201 yards and three touchdown passes. Much of his work was done in the first half, spearheading the Bucs’ offensive assault. Despite the bragging rights, Brady made sure to text Mathieu, apologizing for what he said on the field. 

According to ESPN, Brady said that his words were expressed in the heat of the moment. Brady also mentioned in the text that he would like to apologize to Mathieu in person. The seven-time champion said he knew he needed to match the former LSU Tiger’s energy for the game, calling him “the ultimate competitor,” per ESPN.

Brady’s apology continued with him commending Mathieu’s abilities. Having watched him since his LSU days, according to the text, Brady pointed out the heart he has. The most poignant part of the apology was when Mathieu was called an “incredible leader, champion and class act” by Brady. We don’t know what Brady said, but he must’ve felt it warranted an apology to Mathieu.

Tom Brady is 43-years old, a seven-time champion, and a four-time MVP, but even he has to put on his big boy pants every once in a while. Taking time during his celebration to apologize to Mathieu is the latest example. The two could meet again in the future, which is going to be must-see television. Maybe they can be mic’d up next time they face each other so we can hear the conversation.