Tom Brady Snubs Patriots in Retirement Post and New England Is Deflated

Tom Brady made it official, for real this time, definitely true, no backsies, he is retiring from the NFL after 22 Hall of Fame seasons with Tampa Bay Buccaneers and … another team?

The saga of Brady’s retirement had already become something of a circus after the news broke on Saturday that TB12 was finally putting down the avocado ice cream and moving on to greener pastures.

That initial report by ESPNs Adam Schefter, and a seemingly confirming tweet by Brady’s business arm, TB12 Sports, was quickly and aggressively refuted by Brady’s father, Brady’s agent, and Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians.

But just 72 hours later, having re-claimed the media cycle, Brady made his big reveal. And, boy, was it revealing!

In a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday morning, Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL. After an initial statement confirming that his NFL career was over, Brady went on to list page after page of thank you notes.

He thanked an awful lot of people. He didn’t thank everybody.

Brady throws a lot of love at the Buccaneers, but not the team before them

For four pages after his initial comments about the retirement decision, Brady hands out thank you notes to every aspect of the Buccaneers organization, from the support staff, to the coaches and GM, the owners and the fans in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Here is the list of those he thanked, in order:

  • Buccaneers teammates
  • Buccaneers fans
  • Cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg
  • Buccaneers owners
  • Buccaneers GM Jason Licht
  • Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians
  • All Buccaneers staff and employees

But nowhere, not once, not even obliquely, does Brady say a word about the New England Patriots or their fans. Nothing. It was if he had spent his entire 22-year career with the Bucs.

It was hard not to notice.

Patriots fans and New England media members, a bit puzzled and unwilling to accept the possibility that their hero of two decades was actually snubbing them like this, took to Twitter with their rationalizations. And the biggest, in relation to all the Bucs love, was to consider that Brady had thanked the Patriots after leaving via free agency back in 2020. This message was for his new team only.

And maybe that was so. Except …

Brady mentions a lot of people who pre-dated the Buccaneers, but not the team before them

Brady was not done in his Instagram thank you-fest. After checking every possible Buccaneers box, Brady continued thanking people close to him. Only now, he was thanking people who were with him throughout his Patriots career, as well, including his parents and his wife, Giselle.

And once again, not a single reference, in any way, to the New England Patriots organization or fans.

This second list of thank-ees included:

  • Trainer Alex Guerrero
  • Agents Don Yee and Steve Dubin
  • His parents
  • Gisele and his kids

And just to make the point a little more awkward for the snubbed Patriots and their fans, Brady specifically mentions his college team, the University of Michigan, in thanking his agents, but not the Pats.


Patriots Nation does its pretzel best to deny the snub that was obvious to everyone else

Patriots fans and media are an interesting group. Maybe because for the 40 years pre-Brady, the Patriots were the laughingstock of the league. Or maybe because the Spygate scandal put a whiff of illegitimacy on their first three Brady-delivered Super Bowl titles, and was revived in 2015 by Deflategate.

Whatever the reason, Patriots Nation is a very sensitive, defensive bunch. “The Hate Us Because They Ain’t Us,” is right there in New England with “Don’t Tread on Me.”

So as the non-Brady worshipping segment of the world giggled and pointed this morning over the obvious snub that was the Brady retirement post, Patriots fans, and especially the media members who cover the team, practically broke their own ankles racing to deny that any such snub had occurred, and if it did, WHO CARES HE LOVES US!

The highlight early Tuesday morning was an obviously fake Twitter account claiming to have “Breaking News” that Brady was set to go to Foxboro Wednesday, sign a 1-day contract with the Patriots and retire all over again, this time blowing all his kisses at Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick and Patriots fans everywhere. The tweet was quickly and loudly embraced as proof that Brady didn’t snub the Patriots. No way, no how.

And maybe eventually he will do that. But he certainly didn’t do it Tuesday morning. And it sure took the air out of New England.

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