Skip Bayless’ Obsession With Tim Tebow Once Forced Him to Pick the Former Florida Star Over Tom Brady

During the 2011 NFL season, Tim Tebow became the most polarizing player in football. While he went 7-4 as the Denver Broncos‘ starting quarterback and led the team to the playoffs, Tebow only completed 46.5% of his passes.

However, Tebow’s poor play didn’t stop Skip Bayless from being obsessed with the former Florida star. The media personality was the biggest Tebow fan on the planet and raved about the lefty every chance he got.

During one segment on First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless’ infatuation with Tim Tebow went overboard when he picked the former Heisman Trophy winner over his favorite NFL superstar, Tom Brady.

Skip Bayless defended Tim Tebow like he was his son

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No one defended and praised Tim Tebow more than Skip Bayless did during the 2011 season. While everyone ripped Tebow for being a terrible thrower and quarterback, Bayless went on national television seemingly every day and talked about how Tebow was clutch in the fourth quarter and a winner.

Tebow led the Broncos on multiple fourth-quarter comebacks during the 2011 season. Guys like Stephen A. Smith pointed out how the Broncos’ defense was the MVP of the team since they were keeping the club in all the games Tebow was awful in.

However, Bayless gave all the credit to Tebow and his clutch gene. The two-time National Champion at Florida had five game-winning drives for the Broncos in 2011, which helped Denver win the AFC West Division.

Tebow finished the 2011 season with 1,729 passing yards and 12 passing touchdowns. His best game of the season was in the Wild Card Round against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He went 10-of-21 for 316 yards and threw two touchdowns, including the game-winning pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime.  

As expected, Skip Bayless gloated over Tim Tebow’s game against the Steelers, so much so that he picked the athletic gunslinger over Tom Brady in the Broncos’ Divisional Round matchup versus the New England Patriots.

Skip Bayless said Tim Tebow was a better clutch quarterback than Tom Brady

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Stephen A. Smith freaked out and almost fell out of his chair when Skip Bayless said he would choose Tim Tebow over Tom Brady if the Broncos-Patriots game came down to the fourth quarter. It is still one of the most blasphemous statements Bayless has ever said on TV.

The Patriots wound up destroying the Broncos by a final score of 45-10. Brady threw six touchdowns and racked up 363 passing yards. Meanwhile, Tebow threw for 136 yards and was sacked five times. He only completed nine passes.

Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and Bayless is a huge fan of the seven-time Super Bowl champion. However, Tebow was Bayless’ favorite player back in 2011, and it forced the media giant to make an outlandish pick on national TV.

Tim Tebow’s final season in the NFL was in 2012 with the New York Jets. Skip Bayless thought Tebow should have been the starting QB in New York, but he wasn’t.

As for Tom Brady, he won six rings with the Patriots and his seventh in 2021 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The GOAT will shoot for Super Bowl No. 8 next season

Tom Brady will shoot for championship No. 8 next season. The future Hall of Famer is 7-3 in Super Bowls.

In his first season with the Bucs, Brady threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns. He turns 44 in August and has several miles on his body.

However, Tom Brady is still an elite gunslinger in the NFL.

Stats courtesy of Football Reference.