Tom Brady Wisely Refuses to Address Referees After Buccaneers Upset Against the Rams: ‘I’d Probably Get Fined if I Say Anything’

It didn’t go well for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Los Angeles Rams walked into Raymond James Stadium and ended Tampa Bay’s shot at a Super Bowl repeat in a stunning turn of events.

At times, the officiating in the game was questionable, and Brady wisely refused to comment on it after the loss to the Rams. Of course, the officiating has been iffy all season long, but on the biggest stage, the referees struck again, much to Brady’s disapproval.

Tom Brady isn’t discussing the officiating after the Buccaneers loss

Brady did his best Marshawn Lynch impression. Indeed, Brady wanted to rip the officiating, but he knows better at this point in his career.

In what has become the norm for NFL games, the officiating again had its fair share of questionable decisions. Ndamukong Suh earned a penalty after saying some words to Matthew Stafford, although Suh insists Stafford kicked him.

That one could be justified, but Brady also wasn’t happy about an unsportsmanlike penalty called against him — which so happened to be the first one in his career.

Von Miller came in with what looked to be a late hit, and Brady was unhappy with the refs deciding not to throw a roughing the passer flag on Miller.

However, referee Shawn Hochuli elaborated on that sequence after the game.

Shawn Hochuli explains the penalty decision on Brady

After the game, Hochuli’s pool report said it all. The reasoning for throwing a flag on Brady was justified, but the hit by Miller is why Brady was upset.

In today’s NFL, roughing the passer has quickly become a judgment call. Hochuli and his crew didn’t think this merited a penalty, although it sure looked like a late hit on the Buccaneers’ superstar quarterback.

Brady wouldn’t have received the flag if roughing the passer was called. Nonetheless, he was entirely frustrated with how the first half of this game unfolded and couldn’t contain his emotions.

The Buccaneers had just four penalties on the game, but three were unsportsmanlike calls, each resulting in 15 yards.

That hurts, and Brady chose not to mention the referees after the loss, instead keeping his money in his bank account.

The Buccaneers can’t blame penalties for losing to the Rams

Buccaneers QB Tom Brady wasn't too happy with the referees against the Rams.
Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sure, you can argue these calls were unwarranted. However, the Buccaneers blew this game on their own accord.

Tampa Bay scored just three points in the first half and needed a series of Rams miscues — including four fumbles — to even get back into this game.

Then, Stafford delivered the dagger on a beautiful pass to Cooper Kupp — one that left Todd Bowles’ defensive decisions in shambles and garnered a ton of criticism.

Penalties aren’t the reason Tampa Bay lost. The lack of offense is one thing. The failure to come out firing at the beginning of the game is another.

Then, the ineptitude that prevented them from capitalizing on the Rams’ constant mistakes cost the Buccaneers a chance at an NFC title game.

Nonetheless, the all-around officiating needs to be looked at in the offseason, especially regarding these roughing the passer, unsportsmanlike, and bizarre taunting penalties impacting the game. Remember Cassius Marsh’s penalty earlier this season?

The list goes on and on, and while the NFL needs to make a change, the Buccaneers’ loss is solely on them — and Brady knows that more than anybody.

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