Tom Brady’s Mindset Heading Into Challenging First Season With Bucs

It has been a few months since Tom Brady elected to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that effectively ended his tenure with the New England Patriots after two decades with the franchise. That has put him on an entirely new path in the next chapter that will further define his legacy. It’s an altogether different realm that Brady is heading into that will see him tested in a manner that he hasn’t before in his Hall of Fame career. With that in mind, Brady has a defined mindset heading into his first campaign in Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady’s new journey

In the months leading to Tom Brady’s first expected free agency, the writing was on the wall that he could be on his way out of the franchise after 20 years.

That came to fruition days before the start of free agency as he elected informed the Patriots that he would be looking to continues his career elsewhere. It didn’t long for him to anchor in with the Buccaneers on a fully guaranteed two-year, $50 million deal that has him set on the next chapter of his career with a new team for the first time.

It has started to settle in for the 42-year-old that has allowed him to garner a strong and focused mindset heading into his 21st season.

Tom Brady’s mindset heading into first year with Bucs

The decision to join the Buccaneers has put an entirely new challenge in front of Tom Brady in the next part of his illustrious career.

It has put him in new surroundings where there will be obstacles that he hasn’t faced yet on a football field. During the recent photoshoot for Tampa Bay, Brady voiced that his passion for the game has helped him hone his craft and continues to give him the belief that he can play at a high level in his first year with his new team.

“Football was my first love. It really was. For me to love it like that has enabled me to work hard at it. To work hard at it and learn lessons over the course of that time to work more efficiently. We always have a choice on what we want to voice on. We can always focus on the things that didn’t work that didn’t go our way. Or you can focus on what’s positive in your life.

“I choose the joy. Sometimes when you lose, that’s when you learn the most. You got to have enough mental toughness to push through what you need to play your best at the biggest moments. That’s what’s football is all about. I still feel like I made a lot of improvements. I feel like I can do it at a championship level.”

That mentality hasn’t changed for Brady even as he has progressed through the latter stage of his career and continues to find tremendous success. It has played a pivotal part him in keeping playing as he moves through his early 40s without a time frame for when he will finally retire.

What to expect from Tom Brady in 2020


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The arrival to Tampa Bay has put some high expectations for Tom Brady in his first campaign with the franchise.

Although Brady did struggle a bit during the 2019 season, the Buccaneers have a talented group of skilled-position players that he can heavily utilize. He will have two Pro Bowl wide receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin along with a flurry of strong assets at Tight end with Cameron Brate, OJ Howard, and now Rob Gronkowski.

That alone has set the bar high for Brady in 2020, which has created plenty of excitement to see if he can continue to be an ageless wonder in Tampa Bay next year and beyond.