Tom Brady’s Return to Patriots Looking Bleak

Since the end of the 2019 season, star quarterback Tom Brady has dealt with constant chatter that his time with the New England Patriots could be coming to a close. That talk hasn’t dwindled by any means over the last several weeks and only grown more prominent with the start of free agency now less than a month away. It has now reached a point where there is a growing expectation that Brady may have played his last game with the Patriots.

Tom Brady’s free agency plan

Throughout the last two decades, Brady has been a set fixture with the Patriots where he has experienced a tremendous amount of success. It’s where he’s established him as arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

However, things have hit a crossroad where it appears that the Patriots are no longer providing Brady with that long-term commitment that he’s looking to possess. That has opened the door to him potentially hitting the free-agent market for the first time.

Brady hasn’t voiced much about what lies ahead of him aside from stating that he will exercise his option in free agency. That alone has opened the door more than ever before to him leaving the one franchise where he has played his entire career.

It has been extremely difficult to decipher what Brady plans to do exactly and what teams interest him the most, but things have continued to shift towards the Patriots possibly moving on. All of that has led to growing notion that he’s out the door in New England.

Tom Brady’s return to Patriots looking more unlikely

It’s still relatively early in the offseason, but the start of free agency is quickly approaching in the coming weeks. That has shifted the focus to the Patriots’ plan with their longtime star quarterback.

Things have now shifted towards the chatter being that Brady could realistically join another team on the open market. That much was indicated by ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, who stated on Thursday morning that he would be “stunned” if the 42-year-old returned to the Patriots.

Tom Brady is currently operating under the belief that he will enter free agency to play somewhere other than New England next season, a sentiment the quarterback has shared with others, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.

There are still those that believe that Brady could be convinced to remain in New England, but this at least suggests that he will give free agency a real look. Other teams such as the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Indianapolis Colts, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers could all make a strong push to add the future Hall of Famer.

Brady will have the pick of the litter of a lucrative multi-year contract wherever he chooses to go, which could sweeten the pot for him to move on from the Patriots. It’s still one of those situations where many on the outside looking in are skeptical that he leaves New England, but the telling signs are beginning to crop up.

Tom Brady’s future with Patriots in his hands

As much as this chatter continues to grow around Brady, it’s hard to count out a return to the Patriots truly. It has been the only team that he has played for his entire career and has a strong sustained structure within the franchise.

All of that would point to them hashing things out to give Brady not only a pay raise but more offensive weapons around him. At the same time, the star quarterback worked his contract in a way where he could test the free-agent market.

Meanwhile, the Patriots not speaking with Brady at this juncture raise some flags about their mindset on the situation. There is just a level of uncertainty around the matter that has never been there before. Whatever unfolds in the coming weeks, Brady has full control of his NFL future.