Tom Brady’s Risky Under Armour Deal Made Him Even Richer

Tom Brady is one of the most bankable athletes thanks to his legendary two-decade stretch of brilliance so far. While the quarterback has made a pretty penny on the field, his off-field work can be lucrative. One of these deals, Brady’s endorsement with Under Armour, required a gambling spirit, however, as he pulled an unprecedented move when he took it.

Tom Brady, the pitchman

Brady has willingly associated his name with several brands, as Forbes details. Whether you are a millionaire big-wig driving a fancy car or enjoying your favorite beer, chances are you have supported a company that endorsed Brady. Brady may not have the most vibrant personality, but his recognizable presence on any product automatically expands its reach. 

Brad has been the face of everything from luxury brands like Aston Martin to Sam Adams. His deal with Ugg has become a running joke thanks to a series of silly posts where the QB wore its slippers. His love of the brand is so deep he regularly rewards his teammates with his favorite slippers. 

However, one of his most lucrative deals came from Under Armour, which Brady regularly touts on and off the field. 

Brady and Under Armour

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When Under Armour brought Brady onto the brand as a spokesperson, they were looking to reach the next level. Not yet a power player with names like Steph Curry releasing signature shoes, the brand sought a prime Brady to help sell some athleticwear. Upon signing Brady, CEO Kevin Plank shared how proud he was to get a name like that on board. 

“Tom Brady represents a lot of what Under Armour is all about,” Plank said in an announcement per Yahoo Finance. “He’s humble and hungry and continues to be focused on winning and getting better every single day.”

As seen with Ugg, Brady has often shared his endorsements with a dry, tongue-in-cheek style that makes consumers cringe and laugh. He is, after all, the same man who used the Super Bowl to tease a huge announcement only for it to be an advertisement in and of itself. Before big games like the Super Bowl, Brady often receives care packages from Under Armour that he flaunts at press junkets leading into the major event. 

What separates Under Armour from the rest, even his beloved slippers is the deal Brady signed. That deal, which bypassed an average salary in favor of something greater, pays dividends for the 42-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneer

Brady’s lucrative deal

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While Under Armour boasts other names like Curry and golfer Jordan Spieth, Brady might still be the company’s biggest asset. Rather than sign him to an endorsement deal with a set earning amount, Brady took stock options in his contract that have since grown over 800% since he signed in 2010.

Brady received these shares right before the company went from the maker of undershirts to something more in-tune with other industry juggernauts like Nike and Reebok, and his bank account will thank him for it. Brady is still playing as he approaches his mid-forties, but with deals like this in place, he’s well on his way to being set for life after football. 

Brady has always played by his own rules, for better and for worse. In this instance, the savviness it took to take the unsure bet instead of a lucrative financial deal paid off. If Under Armour keeps growing, Brady could make millions long after he’s thrown his final touchdown pass and hoisted his laugh trophy.