Is This Tom Brady’s Weirdest Endorsement?

Tom Brady’s combination of generational talent, handsome looks, and recognizability make him an ideal pitchman. One of the strangest products that the legendary Patriots quarterback attaches his name to is a strange one for a football player. Those who have seen a line of UGG advertisements will recognize Brady in advertisements for its line of slippers. 

Does Tom Brady endorse slippers? 

Brady has publicly expressed his love for UGG slippers, stating that his love for them started long before he was paid to advertise them in campaigns. 

“I’ve been wearing the slippers since I was 13 or 14 years old when I got my first pair that my mom bought me. And I’ve been wearing them ever since,” Brady said to USA Today.

Brady claimed in the 2016 piece that UGG slippers are his go-to footwear around the house. With the help of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, Brady has been able to conquer the world of branding when he isn’t throwing a football. To get his teammates onboard with his night job as a footwear seller, Brady pays them with the same product he loves so much.

“I’ve given away a lot of pairs to a lot of friends,” Brady said (per USA Today). He went on to joke about using the shoes to make sure that his teammates treat him well. “They better take good care of me because I always take good care of them. They always get a nice gift over the course of the year whether it’s the boots or the slippers, they wear them the whole season.”

While UGG may be a passion for Tom Brady, they are far from the only product that he tries to sell through commercials. His face has been used to sell products since his earliest bouts with success.  

Tom Brady’s endorsement career 

Tom Brady’s endorsement deals cover everything from the aforementioned footwear to clothing, beer, and luxury automobiles. Brady was the face of a campaign to sell Aston Martins, a car that is worth $200,000. Adding to his penchant for the finer things, he is also the face of Tag Heuer, a watch company that caters to the deep-pocketed people of the world. 

One does not need an NFL salary to afford all of the Brady-endorsed products. Brady has endorsement deals from Under Armour and Foot Locker on top of his Ugg deal. His gameday cleats are made by Under Armour. The endorsement deals add a healthy dose of bonus money to the quarterback’s pockets, with 2018 garnering him $14 million alone. 

Brady is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and while he may be famous for his dedication to the game of football, it does not mean that this is the only passion he has. He has not only taken his image to the endorsement side of things, but he has also used it on occasional entertainment gigs. 

Tom Brady goes to Hollywood

Brady might not be Jim Brown when it comes to making movies, but he has shown interest in poking fun at his image by appearing in movies and television shows since his breakout year in 2000. Starting with a comedic portrayal of a computer nerd in Stuck On You, Brady has popped up on screens everywhere. 

From cameos in shows like Entourage to doing voice work for Family Guy, Brady has typically stayed with the character he knows best since playing the role in his first film — himself. Viewers of the recently-released Paul Rudd comedy series Living with Yourself may notice Brady walking out of the clinic in the pilot of the series. 

Brady likes using his image in things other than sports, and with possible retirement on the horizon, we could see even more of him away from the football field real soon.