Tony Dungy Just Pissed Fans off With a Foolish Response To Dak Prescott’s Gruesome Injury

The NFL world was devastated on Sunday when Dak Prescott went down with a gruesome ankle injury. Prescott was having a fantastic season for the Dallas Cowboys, and now losing him is a massive blow to the team as it really hurts its chances to go on a run this year. Because of the severity of the injury, many people sent Prescott their wishes to get well soon after the play. However, one NFL broadcaster and former coach said something regarding Prescott’s injury that pissed off a lot of fans — Tony Dungy.

Dak Prescott’s season is most likely over after a gruesome injury

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During the third quarter of Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, the Cowboys ran a quarterback draw with Prescott. As Giants defensive back Logan Ryan was tackling him, his ankle got caught underneath Ryan. After the play, video showed Prescott’s foot facing the wrong direction.

According to ESPN, the Cowboys later announced that Prescott suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle. This means that the bone penetrated his skin. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Prescott underwent surgery on Sunday evening. 

“I know this young man very well,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement, according to ESPN. “I know the personal hardship and strife that he has faced, dealt with, and overcome in his young life. And I know of no one who is more prepared, from the perspective of mental and emotional toughness and determination, than Dak Prescott to respond and recover from this challenge that has been put in front of him.”

Andy Dalton then replaced Prescott on the field and helped lead the Cowboys to a 37-34 win.

“You absolutely hate it for Dak,” Dalton said, according to ESPN. “The way that he was playing this year and everything he’s put into it, I hate to see that for him. So, it’s emotional. You hate that injuries happen in this game — unfortunately, they’re part of it, and I’m definitely praying for him. It’s been a lot of fun to be around him ever since I got here, just to see how he works, see how he prepares, and you can see with just the way that he’s been playing this year.”

Tony Dungy made comments that pissed fans off

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott suffered a gruesome injury on Sunday. Tony Dungy then made a comment afterward that pissed fans off.
Tony Dungy attends Build Series on Aug. 8, 2018. | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

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Tony Dungy was an excellent coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. He typically gives great insight on NBC too. However, after Prescott’s injury, he gave a pretty insensitive take that angered some fans.

“As tough as this is for Dak Prescott, it might be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys,” Dungy said, according to the Huff Post. “They’ve got a good veteran quarterback (backup Andy Dalton) who can make some plays, and this might cause them to get back to their old formula — lean on the running game, lean on Ezekiel Elliott.”

Calling his injury a “blessing in disguise” did not make fans happy. Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders tweeted, “Yeah. I don’t think that’s a blessing in disguise, especially with the current offensive line,” while one Reddit user said, “That’s saying something. If he thinks they should run the ball more, there are a bunch of ways to say it without crapping on a guy with a serious injury.”

Another Reddit user said, “I heard this live and was like ‘even if you think that isn’t a stupid position, you have to know that saying it now isn’t a good idea.'”

There were some fans, though, to give Dungy the benefit of the doubt.

“People try to spin bad news to something positive, I get what he was trying to do. It just was not fully thought out. Nothing to get in a tissy over, but we will,” a Reddit user commented.

Dungy did end up addressing his comments on Twitter.

“Blessing in disguise was a poor choice of words by me,” Dungy tweeted. “It’s not a blessing for Dak. What I meant was that for the Cowboys the season is not over. Andy Dalton is very capable and changing the focus back to Elliott could help the defense. But I feel very badly for Dak.”

What’s next for the Dallas Cowboys?

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It looks like the Cowboys now must go with Andy Dalton for the rest of the season. However, Schatz made a good point. With the Cowboys’ current offensive line situation, they must now find a quarterback to sit behind Dalton, just in case something were to happen to him. Ben DiNucci is currently Dalton’s backup. He is a rookie and was a seventh-round pick in 2020.

If Dalton stays on the field, though, the Cowboys still have a shot to play well. He is a three-time Pro Bowl selection and helped lead the Cincinnati Bengals to five consecutive playoff appearances. That’s more than just a serviceable backup. 

So, with Dalton’s experience and the Cowboys’ weapons, Dallas still certainly has a chance to do well this year. Especially since the NFC East is extremely weak too. Let’s just hope that Prescott makes a great comeback next year and that he still gets paid.

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