Tony Romo and Other Pro Athletes Who Are Incredible Golfers

Retiring isn’t easy for professional athletes. They’ve spent their entire life dedicated to a single game and suddenly it’s over. In an attempt to fill the void, many retired athletes turn to golf and some are remarkably good at the sport.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo is an excellent golfer, though while he was playing for the Cowboys, many wished he’d spend less time honing his golf game and more time practicing football. With a +3.3 handicap it seems like Romo would be good enough to turn professional, but the few times he’s tried, he’s fallen flat, even on courses he knows. If Romo can’t figure out what’s holding him back, it’s unlikely he’ll ever fulfill his dream to play in the PGA.

Brett Hull

Brett Hull comes from a proud line of athletes. His mother was a figure skater. His dad, Bobby Hull, was one of the best hockey players of his time. His uncle was also a talented hockey player. While many of Bobby’s kids were skilled athletes, Brett was the one who became an outstanding professional hockey player, winning the Stanley Cup twice.

Since stepping off the ice, Brett has spent a lot of time on the green and developed an extremely good game. His current handicap is 0. In addition to playing for fun, Hull routinely participates in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. He has also tried to qualify for the U.S. Open, though he didn’t make it.

Brett Favre

Everyone remembers Brett Favre as a talented Green Bay Packers quarterback, but the days of seeing him throwing a football are over. These days the place you’re most likely to see Favre on the golf course where he has a 1 handicap.

Favre loves the game and has even managed to use it to help him bond with former teammates, including Aaron Rodgers, who he apparently wasn’t close with when they both wore Packers jerseys. Favre enjoys competing in celebrity tournaments, including the Baha Mar Showdown and American Family Insurance Championship

Nate Roberts

Nate Roberts is a legendary skier, winning world championships and being inducted into the Ski Hall of Fame. Like many athletes, he has been spending his free time on the golf course. Roberts is a 0 handicap and hopes to improve his game until he’s ready to play in the PGA. As second careers go, there is every reason to believe Roberts is capable of obtaining his goal.

Jerry Rice

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One of the best NFL wide receivers ever, Jerry Rice was committed to playing football. To fill the void post-retirement, he turned to golf. Rice approached golf with the same drive he once directed to football. He’s good enough that he competed on the Nationwide Tour, though he rarely managed to break 80. Today, Jerry Rice’s golf handicap is about +0.7.