Tony Romo Firmly Defends Tom Brady Amid the Buccaneers’ Struggles

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have continued to stumble south over the last few weeks of the 2020 regular season. The Week 12 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs has raised the outside concerns with the Buccaneers’ offense pointed toward Tom Brady‘s shortcoming. Despite all that, Tony Romo has firmly come to Brady’s defense in the matter.

The Buccaneers continue to tumble south

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The last few weeks have seen the Buccaneers take a dip south in the standings after a string of rough performances.

Tampa Bay has fallen in three out of their previous four games, which has pushed them to a 7-5 mark on the year. The gap between them and the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South division lead has moved to three games with four contests left to play in the regular season.

Amid these shortcomings, Tom Brady has received a substantial part of the blame for his struggles offensively. Much of this has come with his lack of effectiveness in throwing the ball down the field. Before Week 12 action against the Kansas City Chiefs, Brady was 0-for-19 in the last four games on deep passes and missed his previous 22 attempts.

These struggles included him going 0-for-6 with two interceptions on those such pass attempts against the LA Rams in Week 11. Many have pinned the Buccaneers’ offensive woes on Brady’s shoulders, but Tony Romo strongly believes otherwise.

Tony Romo shifts the blame away from Tom Brady

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The Buccaneer took another tough loss in Week 12 after falling just short against the Chiefs 27-24.

Tampa Bay made a strong push in the second half closing the gap to a field goal behind a pair of fourth-quarter touchdown passes from Tom Brady. However, that proved not to be enough to complete the comeback.

The Week 12 matchup received primetime coverage with CBS’ broadcast crew of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo in the booth. Throughout the contest, Romo gave his take on the Buccaneers’ offensive situation as he voiced that the coaching staff wasn’t doing enough to help Brady find success. (H/T Larry Brown Sports)

“Where’s the play action stuff to give him time? Everything’s a dropback. Screen game hasn’t been great. It’s like all this stuff that’s easy for quarterbacks … they don’t have much of it.”

Romo certainly has first-hand experience to speak to this situation, being a former NFL quarterback that played at a high level for several seasons. His comments point out that the Buccaneers still have plenty of adjustments to make to their offense to utilize Brady’s skill set better.

Regardless of that, the six-time Super Bowl champion will continue to shoulder much of the blame publicly. It also doesn’t help that his head coach, Bruce Arians, has criticized him essentially after every loss this year. There is plenty of room for improvement, which goes much further than Brady’s shortcomings.

Still time to bounce back

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The Buccaneers have hit a bump in the road, falling to yet another disappointing loss that pushes them back in the playoff picture.

Tampa Bay is holding the sixth overall spot in the NFC postseason seeding. They remain a game behind the LA Rams and a game up over the Arizona Cardinals, who have the final wildcard spot.

The Buccaneers have their playoff hopes in their hands over the last month of regular-season games. Their remaining schedule softens up with a pair of matchups against the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions.

There is an opportunity for them to at least secure a wildcard spot if the Saints remain on their steady path. The final four regular-season games also give them a chance to work out the kinks in the offense further ahead of the postseason.

These next few weeks will be telling of where the Buccaneers are headed with Brady under center.