Tony Romo May Soon Have a New Partner in the CBS Broadcast Booth

Tony Romo experienced an immediate rise to stardom in the broadcast booth following his NFL retirement. Romo‘s excellence earned him a lucrative lengthy deal with CBS to call games over the next decade. However, he may have to venture that route with a new broadcast partner.

Tony Romo’s quick ascension to broadcast stardom

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Following his retirement from the NFL after the 2016 season, Tony Romo quickly immersed himself into the broadcast booth.

Romo hit the ground running as he joined CBS, effectively taking Phil Simms’ spot next to Jim Nantz as part of their top team in the booth for the 2017 season. The former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback found immediate success as a staple voice calling NFL games.

His commentary style didn’t take long for NFL fans to enjoy his work. His ability to play off Nantz while frequently correctly predicting offensive play calls has made him much-watch tv. Romo’s meteoric rise helped him earn a significant pay raise with a reported 10-year deal that can be worth up to $180 million.

Although Romo received some backlash for his new contract that made him the highest-paid analyst in the industry, he has continued to be a fan favorite in the booth. The 40-year-old may now have to go through a significant change ahead involving a new broadcast partner.

Tony Romo may have a new partner in the CBS broadcast booth

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Since Tony Romo transitioned to the broadcast booth, he has worked almost entirely with Jim Nantz.

The two have developed a strong partnership that shows through their seamless work together. However, CBS may have a significant shakeup ahead as the early contract talks with Nantz are not heading in a positive direction.

Nantz is currently making $6.5 million per year. However, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported last November that he wanted near Romo’s $17.5 million annual salary. The 61-year-old is currently scheduled to work Super Bowl 55, the Master, and the Final Four over the next three months.

Nantz has been a part of CBS Sports since 1985 and has been a staple with the company ever since. He has been the play-by-play voice for many memorable sporting events for the NFL, golf, and college basketball. Nantz did state that he wants to cover the Masters until he’s 75 years old.

His departure would be a major blow for CBS, but the company may have its backup plan set in stone.

Who would replace Jim Nantz?

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With any contract talks, CBS is bracing for the possibility that it may lose one of its top sports broadcasters.

In that occurrence, the company may be well prepared to go another route to replace Jim Nantz. According to Andrew Marchand of The New York Post, CBS reportedly signed longtime play-by-play announcer Ian Eagle to a long-term contract.

The deal is believed to be more than that standard three-year length, which the move subsequently provides the company with contract talk leverage with Nantz. Eagle has worked with CBS in 1988 and various roles covering the NFL and NCAA basketball.

He also works with the YES Network as the Brooklyn Nets announcer and does NBA playoffs work for TNT. CBS’s primary focus is to get Nantz under a new deal, but if the two sides can’t work out a new contract, Eagle is likely the next go-to option.

Ultimately, there should be more clarity with Nantz’s contract negotiation process in the coming weeks.