Tony Stewart Once Became the Butt of a NASCAR Star’s Joke About His Weight

Tony Stewart dominated the track in stretches of his Hall of Fame NASCAR career. Along the journey, Stewart experienced some interesting situations that brought forth some amusing comments. All that saw longtime fellow NASCAR driver decide to poke fun at his expense.

Tony Stewart’s impressive NASCAR career

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Tony Stewart spent two decades as a NASCAR driver that saw him put together a Hall of Fame career.

Stewart experienced some lasting success as he won three Cup Series championships, 49 Cup Series races, and had 308 top-ten finishes. His final title in 2011 came in dramatic fashion as he won the tiebreaker over Carl Edwards. During that campaign, he won five of the 10 playoff races that elevated him to a title.

He reached the mountaintops in other racing sports as well as being the only driver to win a championship in NASCAR and IndyCar. He was among the top drivers in the sport throughout his racing career that guided him to 13 top-ten finishes in the Cup Series points standings, including five placings in the top five.

Stewart’s excellence on the track helped him receive an induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2020. He also earned the honors of getting into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame (2018) and Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (2019).

Near the end of his career, Edwards found a way to crack a joke Stewart’s expense.

Tony Stewart once became the butt of a NASCAR star’s joke about his weight

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Throughout much of Carl Edwards’ NASCAR career, he garnered a strong reputation for his strict commitment to his health.

The role of that helped allow him to continue to do his signature backflips off his car after winning races. All that guided a question toward him concerning his competitors’ physical fitness, which he stated in January 2015 that he jokingly that Tony Stewart was the least fit NASCAR driver. (H/T NBC Sports)

“That’s obviously Tony Stewart, he’s the worst,” Edwards laughed. “We give Tony a lot of trouble.

“He must be the toughest guy in the world because he does nothing for his fitness, and he’s able to just go out there and do a great job. He’s a tough guy.”

Stewart is known for his often fiery personality, but not so much about his physical ability. There was no conversation concerning lumping him in with Edwards, Kasey Kahne, and Jimmie Johnson regarding the sport’s best physically in-shape athletes.

Granted, Stewart didn’t need that to find some tremendous success on the NASCAR track. It could have helped, but it didn’t necessarily hurt what his career could have been had he been in better physical shape.

NASCAR legacy remains cemented

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All the joking about Tony Stewart’s physical fitness aside, it didn’t pull away from his success.

In many ways, he got the last laugh on the track, especially in 2011 during the Cup Series title run. Stewart has never been touted for his physical ability but earned a strong reputation and respect for his strong production behind the wheel.

There wasn’t any ill-will between the drivers, but more so Edwards playful poking at his longtime colleague. The competition on the track drove Stewart to tremendous success that cemented him as one of the top drivers in the sport’s history.

All in all, it was a moment where Edwards took a light-hearted jab at his fellow driver.