Trade These 4 Players off Your Fantasy Football Team Before Its Too Late

Fantasy football is in full swing, and there have been some fun and not so fun developments in the league. Antonio Brown isn’t the only hiccup for fantasy football owners, as several key players have already suffered some injuries among other setbacks. Here are some players that you may want to trade away soon.

JuJu Smith-Schuster was supposed to be a fantasy football star

This one is a tough call. JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers recently lost his quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, to injury for the rest of the season. For most owners, this is a massive red flag, as the Steelers’ backup quarterback, Mason Rudolph, will have to fill in for Roethlisberger.

We won’t know how Smith-Schuster will perform with Rudolph, and for many owners, that uncertainty is just not good. However, according to Scout, Smith-Schuster is projected to be the 11th best wide receiver in the season and will yield 151 fantasy points. 

It’s still a very early projection as Smith-Schuster hasn’t played that many games yet, but it still muddies the water on the question of whether or not owners should trade Smith-Schuster away. 

Ultimately it’s your call, but uncertainty is never a great thing in fantasy football so the safest course of action is to trade him off for a safer wide receiver. 

Dede Westbrook was a popular fantasy football sleeper

Similar to Smith-Schuster, Dede Westbrook’s quarterback, Nick Foles, suffered an injury already and is unlikely to return for the rest of the season. Unlike Smith-Schuster though, the chemistry between Westbrook and the Jacksonville Jaguar’s backup quarterback is nowhere to be seen.

Scout determined that Westbrook will be the league’s 56th best wide receiver, which is not good. Scout says that Westbrook will be a good bench player and he’s still projected to score about 86 fantasy points this season. 

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Westbrook and his new quarterback, Gardner Minshew will find something and tear up the league in the coming weeks. But once again, in fantasy, uncertainty is not a good thing and unlike Smith-Schuster, it’ll take a miracle for Westbrook to become a good pick before the end of the season.

Thus, your best bet is to probably dump him as soon as possible.

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Chris Carson keeps fumbling

As the old adage goes, one time is an accident, two times is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern. Chris Carson may be a talented running back, but he’s fumbled the football three weeks in a row. 

In the Seattle Seahawk’s game against the New Orleans Saints, the Seahawks lost by six points, and one of Carson’s fumbles could be to blame as it did lead to a defensive touchdown. 

These fumbles lead many to doubt how starter-worthy Carson is, and that may affect how many fantasy football points he’ll yield this season. That said, Scout predicts that Carson will be the 19th best running back this season and that he’ll yield 150 fantasy points.

Scout’s prediction doesn’t take into account the possible behind the scenes talk about Carson and his tendency to fumble footballs. Either way, his fumbles have created a cloud of uncertainty over him, and once again, the best course of action for owners is to trade Carson off now.

Davante Adams and the offense still haven’t clicked

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Regarded by many as one of the better fantasy draft picks, Davante Adams has so far disappointed many owners this season. The Green Bay Packers has been doing fine, but in terms of fantasy football, Adams hasn’t.

Adams had a disappointing showing in these first few weeks, but despite that, Scout still projects that he’ll score 162 fantasy points and be the 7th best wide receiver in the league.

Like Smith-Schuster, it may not be time to start panicking about Adams. However, given his performance, it may be the smart move to trade him off now or in the near future. It’s your call, ultimately.