Train Like an NFL Player With These 10 Exercises

Competing in the NFL is one of the most strenuous things an athlete can do. Each and every football player must be in their best shape. Maximizing every workout is a key part of these athletes’ careers. Here are 10 exercises NFL players love that you can incorporate into your routine.

10. Gronk’s battle ropes 

Although he’s been plagued by injuries and is currently retired, Rob Gronkowski swears by his battle rope routine. Common across gyms, battle ropes are a relatively simple but difficult exercise. If you want to work out like Gronk, be sure to end your day with a session on the ropes. 

9. Russell Wilson’s box jumps

The Seattle quarterback is one of many athletes who recommend box jumps as an exercise to build your lower body. Box jumps are a simple bodyweight exercise. Most gyms have boxes of various heights to jump on. However, because of the simplicity of this workout, you can also do this at home.

8. Von Miller’s medicine-ball Russian twist

This All-American linebacker recommends medicine-ball Russian twists to build core muscles. All you need is a medicine ball, which you can find at most gyms. The exercise is similar to a sit-up, but the addition of the medicine ball will increase its effectiveness at building your core. 

7. Patrick Peterson’s uphill speed ladder

For explosive speeds, Peterson sprints uphill on a speed ladder. This exercise is also simple — although actually doing it may be harder. If you don’t want to transport a ladder, you can just sprint up a hill while keeping a short stride. This will imitate the exercise without a ladder.

6. Tom Brady’s TB12 method

The six-time Super Bowl winner’s favorite exercise for improving mobility is his TB12 routine. Rather than focusing on weights, his routine prioritizes flexibility via bodyweight exercises. Some of the moves he recommends are resistance band exercises, which you can find at most gyms.

5. J.J. Watt’s tire flips

A staple at weightlifting competitions, tire flips are Watt’s favorite way to build his overall strength. He can flip 1,000-pound tires. But many gyms will have smaller tires for you to start with. 

4. Ndamukong Suh’s landmine row

This exercise requires a barbell and weights. Suh swears by this workout — check it out here via Stack — as a great way to strengthen your back muscles.

3. Cam Newton’s chain pushups

Newton’s favorite alternative pushup is relatively accessible — all you need is a chain, which the quarterback recommends rather than using other free weights. Like any pushup, this workout will strengthen your upper body, and the addition of the chain only makes it more impactful.

2. Odell Beckham Jr.’s reverse lunge split-jumps

The star wide receiver’s signature exercise is also an easy one for his fans. A reverse lunge split-jump requires no special equipment and can be done at home. As its name implies, it’s a reverse lunge that turns into a jump. This is a great combination exercise for your entire lower body. 

1. Mark Ingram’s boxing routine

One of the best-kept secrets in terms of football players’ training regimens is boxing. Ingram trains with his striking coach, Henri Hooft, who drills him on the fundamentals to work out his entire body. Boxing is something you can do at home, as shadow boxing is a common, simple way to work on your hands. However, you may need to go to the gym for the full experience.