Train like Jerry Jones Is Running You into the Ground Dallas Cowboys Style

Everyone makes the Dallas Cowboys synonymous with the most popular team title in the NFL, which is why they have the nickname America’s Team. Many of their fans are hardcore and live and die with the franchise and what it does.

Combine that with the fact that Jerry Jones is a shrewd businessman who has built the Cowboys into the league’s most valuable franchise, and the Cowboys know how to maximize their moneymaking potential with their fan base. That includes when Cowboy fans are working out, thanks to a chain of Cowboys-branded gyms that the team has opened up in Texas.

Cowboys-branded gyms in Texas

There are four Cowboys Fit locations in the state, and they allow fans to trains like players and cheerleaders from their favorite team. One location is a 60,000-square-foot facility at the Cowboys’ world headquarters complex in Frisco, Texas. The members-only clubs offer classes led by former NFL trainers, players, and cheerleaders to allow football fans to commit to training like the pros do. 

Members are also able to get personal training sessions with the league alumni. Given the trainers’ histories in the NFL, the workouts they put members through are grueling and take a lot out of the folks doing them.

Cryotherapy and other recovery methods

With the energy output needed to do the training that the trainers expect at Cowboys Fit, the gymgoers need to have ways to help them recover following their workouts, so the facilities offer that as well. Some of the recovery options members have access to include:


Cryotherapy, which means cold therapy, exposes the body to frigid temperatures — below -148 degrees Fahrenheit — for several minutes, either with a full-body treatment or targeted to a particular body area. It helps to relieve sprains, muscle pain, and swelling.


Normatec Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices that help athletes with rehab and recovery. Each control unit has attachments that go on the arms, legs, or hips and use compressed air to massage the limbs. The system also mobilizes fluid and speeds recovery using a patented massage pattern.


Hydromassage therapy uses water pressure to apply massage techniques to the body. It is believed to alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries that are caused by arthritis, lower back pain, chronic pain, and sports injuries.

Cowboys’ players have tough workout routines


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Jones always expects his players to perform at the top of their game, and he has high expectations for the team entering every NFL season.

That means that the team puts players through grueling workouts to ensure they are always in the best shape they can be in during the season. As an example, Muscle and Fitness has shared Ezekiel Elliott’s workout routine with the publication’s readers. He goes through many rounds of 30-seconds of “all-out effort,” followed by 30 seconds for recovery. 

Trainer Danny Musico describes it as going, “…Round-robin till we drop. And that last round is when you’re gonna drop.” A day’s workout for Elliott is centered around five pieces of equipment, each intended to enhance a different part of the running back’s game. The exercises are designed to strengthen the core and endurance and improve the player’s power and hand speed.

And Musico doesn’t give Elliott the same workout two days in a row, so he doesn’t know what to expect and is always guessing about what he’s going to be doing on a given day.  Musico says they “don’t want the muscles getting used to performing the same exercises at the same time always, so you want to shock the muscle.”