Training at Floyd Mayweather’s Gym Is Ridiculously Expensive

Floyd Mayweather put together one of the greatest boxing careers the world has ever seen. Fighting across multiple weight classes, Mayweather compiled a 50-0 record. That record briefly stood as the most amounts of victories without a defeat, until Wanheng Menayothin broke it in 2018.

Even before his retirement, Mayweather proved that elite boxing abilities weren’t his only viable skillset. He has proven an equally adept businessman, as evidenced by his successful chain of fitness facilities. True boxing aficionados can even pay a premium price to train at Mayweather’s private gym in Las Vegas. Here we take a look back at Mayweather’s career and business ventures, while investigating just how much it costs to train at Mayweather’s gym.

Floyd Mayweather’s boxing career

Looking back, Mayweather was clearly primed to become one of the best from his earliest years. Even before turning pro in 1996, Mayweather had won three national Gold Gloves, as well as an Olympic bronze medal. He won his first championship in 1998, fighting in the super featherweight class.

From there, Mayweather embarked on a period of utter dominance seldom seen in the boxing world. Over the course of the next seven years, Mayweather increased his weight class four times, winning titles at each new level. Perhaps his most impressive win came in 2007, when he beat Oscar De La Hoya and took home the WBC super welterweight crown.

Mayweather responded to his victory over De La Hoya by announcing his retirement, claiming he had nothing left to prove in the ring. That first retirement was fairly short-lived, however, with Mayweather returning later in 2007 to take on light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton. Mayweather retired for the second time in 2015, only to return in 2017 for a much-anticipated match against UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather’s career accomplishments

Mayweather racked up numerous awards over the course of his career. He took home six “The Best Fighter” ESPY awards. The Ring magazine awarded him two Fighter of the Year awards, in 1998 and 2007. The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) awarded him three Fighter of the Year awards (2007, 2013, and 2015), while also crowning him Fighter of the Decade for the 2010s.

In 2016, ESPN named Mayweather the best pound-for-pound boxer of the last 25 years. Many analysts consider Mayweather the best defensive boxer of all time, as well as one of the most accurate punchers. Mayweather also packed plenty of wallop, winning 27 of his 50 fights by knockout — good for a respectable 54% knockout rate overall.

A successful businessman

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Floyd Mayweather has long pursued various side hustles in the business world. For many years, he focused primarily on strip clubs in the Las Vegas area. In 2018, however, Mayweather opened his first gym in Los Angeles. Known as Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, the franchise has quickly blossomed out to a variety of cities across the United States.

Mayweather told ESPN that he hoped to ultimately expand the franchise to 250 U.S. locations and 250 international gyms within three to five years. In addition to general gym facilities, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness also offers custom classes centered on agility, boxing, and speed workouts, as well as virtual reality workouts with Mayweather.

Those who want an even more intense experience can head to Mayweather’s private gym in Las Vegas. Since 2017, fans and boxing aspirants can pay to receive private lessons in the very same ring that Mayweather trains in. Of course, that kind of premium experience comes with an equally premium price-tag.

Individuals pay $1,499 for 90 minutes of training. That includes 30 minutes spent practicing skills with one of the gym’s trainers, as well as 30 minutes spent working with Mayweather’s father, who at 66 years of age still possesses incredible speed. Groups of up to four can enjoy a slightly discounted “Championship Experience” rate of $3,999 for 2-3 hours of total experience time.