Travis Kelce Disagrees With Tyreek Hill’s First Impression of Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs offense is what some might call unfair at times. With the plethora of weapons they can use, how can teams stop all of them? Teams usually don’t because of the brilliance of Patrick Mahomes. Travis Kelce has been the biggest beneficiary of Mahomes’ superstardom, as they have established a devastating quarterback/tight end combination.

It’s safe to say that nobody expected Mahomes to be this good. Even his teammate Tyreek Hill wasn’t on board with Mahomes early on. Kelce wasn’t on the same page with the speedy receiver on that front. He knew that Mahomes was going to be a special talent in the NFL as soon as he walked through the Chiefs‘ door.

Tyreek Hill initially though Patrick Mahomes was “trash”

Pairing one of the biggest arms in the NFL with one of the speediest receivers was bound to be a nightmare for opposing defenses. When Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes got going, the rest of the NFL was at their mercy. Hill’s electrifying speed has allowed him to cook defenses to the tune of 3,615 receiving yards and 34 touchdowns since Mahomes became the starter per ESPN. Despite his success with Mahomes, he didn’t think he’d turn out to be this good.

“I thought he was trash. I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t even gonna cap, man. When he first got there, I was like, ‘This is who y’all drafted right here? This is who y’all drafted?’” said Hill per Inside The NFL. 

Luckily for Hill, Mahomes didn’t play his rookie season until the last game. However, No. 15 made Hill eat his words pretty quickly. He blew up the league in his first season as a starter, throwing 50 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards. Hill had his highest yardage output, yards per catch average, and reception totals in Mahomes’ first year as a starter. 

“Hey, but look, he proved me into a whole complete — I don’t know. That second year, his quarterback mechanics were different. It was like he was spending more time with his QB coach, spending more time with Coach Reid, like learning the offense. Dude was like different,” said Hill.

Mahomes is a different breed of quarterback; it just took Tyreek Hill longer to realize that. He and his quarterback have a great relationship with each other, which is evident in their play. Travis Kelce is arguably Mahomes’ favorite target, and he disagreed with Hill’s evaluation of their quarterback when he arrived in Kansas City.

Travis Kelce disagrees with Tyreek Hill on Patrick Mahomes

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Even before the Chiefs drafted Mahomes, Travis Kelce was a stud at the tight end spot. He hasn’t had less than 800 yards receiving in a season in his entire career. Kelce has put together five straight 1,000 yards seasons, becoming the first tight end in NFL history to achieve this feat. Mahomes’ arrival only made Kelce a more dangerous target. Unlike his teammate, he knew his quarterback was going to be a stud from the jump.

“I was just reading what Tyreek Hill said. Let the cat out of the bag and said, ‘We all thought he was trash.’ That never went across my mind that he was trash. You can tell from the moment he walked in the room how personable he was, his energy…you could tell right then and there that this guy is special, ” said Kelce on the Club Shay Shay Podcast.

Kelce’s analysis of his star quarterback when he first came in is entirely different than Hill’s. Nevertheless, both players are now reaping the benefits of Patrick Mahomes operating at a high level. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill were top 10 in receiving yards and touchdowns receiving yards this season. Even if he wasn’t in Kansas City, Kelce thinks Mahomes would’ve had a great career.

“Mahomes was gonna have success no matter where he went…It’s been a pleasure to work with him and see him grow into the best player in the National Football League,” said Kelce.

The Chiefs offense is unfair

It’s apparent that Patrick Mahomes isn’t trash or anything close to it. The Chiefs offense has always been creative and efficient under Andy Reid because of his offensive brilliance. Once Mahomes was brought into the picture, the Chiefs’ offense became unfair. His skill set of improvisational excellence, a rocket arm, and ability to decipher defenses makes him the biggest boss on a video game that is impossible to beat.

Kansas City built the perfect team around him and Andy Reid’s offense. They have speedsters on the outside with Hill, Mecole Hardman, and Demarcus Robinson. Inside, they have reliable catchers in Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce. Their running backs are dual threats, with Le’Veon Bell and Clyde Edwards-Helaire being able to run and catch out the backfield. All these pieces on one offense allow many different formations and plays that can shred a defense.

There has been some talk that if another quarterback had these weapons, they’d put up numbers like Mahomes. Although that could be true, it sells Mahomes contributions to the Chiefs offense short. Even with the weapons, he still needs to read the defense, pick the right receiver, and deliver a great ball. Mahomes could replicate his success anywhere, unlike many quarterbacks.

Travis Kelce doesn’t know what Tyreek Hill was talking about in terms of Patrick Mahomes’ first impression. He’s always known Mahomes would be special just by how he carried himself. Kelce is reaping the benefits, becoming Mahomes’ favorite target, and destroying defenses as the best quarterback/tight end tandem in the league.

All stats courtesy of ESPN