Trevor Lawrence Can Thank Colin Cowherd for His Newest Motivational Tool

If the Jacksonville Jaguars ever win a Super Bowl with Trevor Lawrence, legendary radio host Colin Cowherd might hear his name in the quarterback’s victory speech.

Fine, we’re jumping the gun a bit. The Jaguars haven’t used the No. 1 overall pick on Lawrence just yet, although he remains the team’s presumptive selection as of February 2020.

Whenever and wherever Lawrence takes his first NFL snap, he might want to remember the bulletin board material that Cowherd just gave him.

Colin Cowherd thinks Justin Herbert is better than Trevor Lawrence

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Trevor Lawrence has all but officially joined the club, spearheaded by Baker Mayfield, of quarterbacks mentioned in Colin Cowherd’s hot takes.

In the February 17 episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast on The Volume, Cowherd and NFL analyst Greg Cosell discussed Lawrence’s pro future. During their conversation, Cowherd said he’d rather have one of the NFL’s youngest starting quarterbacks over Lawrence.

“When I look at Justin Herbert, he is a lot more special than people realize. He is actually potentially a greater talent than Trevor Lawrence.”

In fairness to all sides, Cowherd has had far worse takes before. Herbert won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors after completing 66.6% of his passes for 4,336 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions in 15 starts for the Chargers last season.

Herbert, who played all of last season at age 22, set rookie records in passing touchdowns, total touchdowns (36), and completions (396).

NFL analyst Greg Cosell agreed with Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd isn’t the only one who woke up feeling ready to share a bold take about Trevor Lawrence.

Greg Cosell, an NFL analyst and NFL Films producer, agreed that Justin Herbert has several traits that make him more appealing than Lawrence.

“Lawrence obviously has a very very good arm. I would argue that Herbert’s is naturally more powerful. But Lawrence has no issues with arm strength. I think Herbert is more purely physically gifted than Trevor Lawrence.”

Immediately after sharing those thoughts, Cosell did some damage control.

“Having said that, I don’t want people listening to this thinking that I don’t think Lawrence is a really good prospect,” Cosell said. “Of course Lawrence is a really good prospect. But I don’t think that is a hot take. I think Herbert is physically more gifted.”

Trevor Lawrence can use this slight to his advantage

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Colin Cowherd is admittedly a big fan of Trevor Lawrence, so the latter should take that into mind when viewing Cowherd’s commentary and praise for Justin Herbert.

Still, this presents important bulletin board material for the presumptive No. 1 overall pick. Lawrence has been heralded as a generational prospect since he took his first snaps at Clemson in 2018.

Now, Lawrence is starting to hear some criticism from notable voices. Assuming that Jacksonville sticks to the plan and selects Lawrence with the top pick in April, he’ll officially go from Clemson — a perennial national title contender — to one of the NFL’s most miserable franchises.

And if Herbert and Lawrence become this generation’s Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, we’ll see if Cowherd and Greg Cosell were onto something … or if they were completely wrong.

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