Trevor Lawrence Has Virus Relief Efforts Nixed by NCAA

In the last several weeks, the coronavirus has become a more prominent issue in the United States with it impacting a growing number of people. It has led to the country enacting more actions toward emphasizing social distancing among other precautionary practices to further prevent the virus from affecting a larger net of people. That has seen many different public figures take the route of helping others with what they can through raising money for relief for those who are struggling to make financial ends meet through this challenging time.

It has seen Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend step up to raise money for those affected by the coronavirus, but that has been shut down by the NCAA.

NCAA stops Trevor Lawrence’s fundraiser for coronavirus victims

Throughout the years, the NCAA has caught much flak for their institution of strict rules that prevent collegiate players from profiting in any manner off their likeness, image, or name.

The criticism toward that rule hasn’t wavered as there have many instances where that has come into play in a puzzling fashion. That is once again the case as the NCAA has halted Trevor Lawrence from utilizing a GoFundMe page to help coronavirus victims, according to Matt Connolly of The State.

Lawrence and Mowry started a GoFundMe fund-raising page for coronavirus victims Monday afternoon, but it was shut down the same day after raising $2,670. Mowry said through a video on her Instagram account that they were forced to deactivate the page. A Clemson official confirmed that Lawrence and Mowry were not allowed to have the GoFundMe account active due to NCAA rules that prohibit using name, image and likeness for crowd funding.

It comes to a shock for many given that this was a use of his name to help those in need during this difficult time in the country. He had helped raise $2,670 before the page was shut down by the NCAA.

That just further begs the question of where are the boundaries for the NCAA for college athletes without being deterred.

NCAA responds to Trevor Lawrence’s charity shutdown

In the brief time since Lawrence’s fundraiser was shut down, it has seen plenty of backlash toward the NCAA.

It hasn’t taken long for the NCAA Board of Governors to respond by stating that they didn’t ask for the Clemson star quarterback to shut down his charity and voiced that they applaud his efforts in the matter. In other words, it’s an attempt for them to clean their hands as being the source for Lawrence’s fundraiser being halted.

Their comments give off the vibe that they are pointing the fingers toward the Atlantic Coast Conference and Clemson for the responsibility of closing down the fund. It points back to the NCAA implementing that rule, which in many instances stopped numerous situations falling under the umbrella regardless of why the money is being raised.

What will happen with the money Trevor Lawrence has raised?

Nevertheless, Lawrence’s funding is no longer operating, which as brought forth questions about what will happen next.

Lawrence voiced on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon that he and his girlfriend are going to direct the $2,670 generated to the Meals on Wheels America and No Kid Hungry organizations.

“Despite all of the craziness and drama with that we were able to raise a little over $2,500. So all of that’s going to go to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry, which is super awesome. Thank you guys, all of y’all that donated. It’s really much appreciated. It’s going to help some kids and some elderly [people] somewhere, so it’s going to be very helpful. So we really appreciate y’all. Sorry for all of the drama and all of the confusion but we got it worked out.”

It’s quite an honorable act that shows that collegiate athletes are also looking to lend a hand in this effort to help those in need.