Trevor Lawrence is The One to Watch in College Football

The Future of Football

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may be the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but that history could be rewritten soon. The Clemson University Fighting Tigers have found their diamond in the rough. Meet Trevor Lawrence, a 19-year-old from Cartersville, Georgia.

At 6-foot-6, 220 pounds, he is a force to be reckoned with. With 3,200 passing yards and 30 touchdowns in his freshman season, Trevor Lawrence was instrumental in securing Clemson’s 2019 national championship win against Alabama.

Many experts agree that he could be the next superstar quarterback once he gets to the NFL. Let’s take a look at the star quarterback.

Trevor Lawrence’s stats

Lawrence spent his first year of college football accumulating an impressive array of stats that would make any professional NFL player envious. He led Clemson to an undefeated 2018 season.

His throws exhibited amazing accuracy and his ability to think fast on his feet, won him the respect of both his teammates and coaches. The Tigers regard Lawrence as their go-to-player for the coming 2019 season. 

Clemson coach, Dabo Swinney, claims that Lawrence has “the eye of the Tiger and heart of a champion“. This tenacity is the key to Lawrence’s newfound fame as the face of college football.

Media superstar

NFL recruiting experts are touting Trevor Lawrence as a “once in a generation” type of player. ESPN College Gameday analyst, Tom Rinaldi, claims, “The most famous college athlete in the country is Trevor Lawrence“.

His good looks, strong throwing arm, and flowing long blonde hair has media outlets calling Lawrence the “Thor of College Football”. Meanwhile, Lawrence is taking it all in stride and keeping a low media profile. He skipped the Atlantic Coast Conference media days and is focusing on the game instead of interviews.

Top draft pick?

In 2018, Lawrence was ranked as the number one overall college recruit. He is one of only a few players to be deemed the consensus number one prospect.

But the NFL is going to have to wait a few more years before Lawrence can start playing in their league. Due to NFL regulations, Lawrence is not eligible for the NFL draft until the year 2021.

Rules state that for a player to be eligible, he must be out of high school for at least three years. If Lawrence stays on course, this Heisman Trophy hopeful will no doubt be considered one of the top NFL draft picks for 2021.

Trevor Lawrence needs to stay healthy

Despite Lawrence’s god-like reputation, he is still susceptible to on-field injuries. In September 2018, he sustained a second-quarter hit in the Week 2 game against Syracuse. He appeared to have concussion-like symptoms and was unable to play the second half.

Doctors later determined it was a neck strain and no head injury was discovered. Lawrence was cleared to play. The challenge in the coming years will be to keep Lawrence injury-free and playing at optimal performance so that he can cash in on a multi-million dollar NFL contract.

Some suggest that he would be smart to sit it out for the next two years, but it doesn’t appear that this competitive 19-year old has any intention of taking the bench just yet.