Trevor Lawrence Responded Gracefully To the Reporter Who Insulted His Mustache

Trevor Lawrence may not have won a national title for the Clemson Tigers this year in the College Football Playoff, but the quarterback is going to be one of the top picks in the NFL Draft — in fact, he’ll likely go number one.

But before he does, Lawrence will have to make a decision whether to shave his mustache. Lawrence proudly sported the facial hair at a post-game press conference, and one reporter inadvertently let her disapproval be known. Here’s the story of how Lawrence handled it. 

Trevor Lawrence’s college football career

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Lawrence leaves Clemson with quite a resume. According to Sports Reference, during his three years at Clemson, he completed 758 passes, with 90 of those coming as touchdowns.

His passer rating for his career was an astronomical 164.3. He threw only 17 interceptions, which gave him an average of less than six per year. In 2020, Lawrence was named the ACC’s Offensive Player of the Year as well as the conference’s overall Player of the Year. 

Lawrence’s career finished with three CFP appearances, including one championship. In his freshman season, he led Clemson to a national title. In 2019-2020, he led them to a national title game appearance, falling to LSU.

This year, the Tigers couldn’t get past the semifinal game, losing to Ohio State. No matter how you evaluate a career, Lawrence’s achievements are impressive. He was the leader of three teams that were one of the very best in the country. 

This year, Lawrence’s game was as good as ever, so his play on the field changed very little. What did change was his facial hair. It remains to be seen whether he’ll keep it as he moves to the next level, but if he does, he’ll have some competition for best facial hair. 

NFL players with notable facial hair

There are a number of notable NFL players with facial hair. The most notable at the moment is Gardner Minshew, quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars and owner of a handlebar mustache.

Ironically enough, Minshew is likely going to be the player Lawrence unseats. The Jags hold the first pick in April’s NFL Draft, and it’s almost a foregone conclusion that Lawrence will be the number one overall pick. Other notable facial hair owners include Ryan Fitzpatrick and Aaron Rodgers. 

Lawrence will have plenty of worthy competition if his mustache makes it to the next level with him. But will it? If one rogue, unmuted reporter has anything to say about it, probably not. 

Trevor Lawrence’s graceful response to the reporter who insulted his mustache

As noted above, Lawrence and his Tigers lost to Ohio State in the semis of the CFP. Maintaining a professional attitude, the classy Lawrence answered questions via Zoom following the game, refusing to shy away from the spotlight despite the unfortunate result. Things were going normal for a moment, but then they got a bit weird. 

According to Insider, one reporter forgot to put her microphone on mute during the presser. As Lawrence was answering a different question, she could be overheard saying, “Poor Trevor needs to shave his ‘stache.” 

Lawrence, a gamer in every sense of the word, could only smile and say, “Uh…thank you” before moving on. It didn’t seem to faze him, though he did seem to find it amusing. 

It might seem like little more than a funny moment, but it could be an indicator of how Lawrence can handle pressure at the next level. Lawrence clearly wasn’t overly bothered by the comment, only confused. He didn’t get flustered, he just made a quick comment and moved on.

At the NFL level, he’s going to have plenty of tough questions from the media, so he’d be well served to adopt the same attitude with them once he gets to the pros.