Troy Aikman Asks Jerry Jones the Question Everybody Wants Answered

Troy Aikman is one of the most legendary players in Cowboys history. Formerly their quarterback, Aikman has become one of the NFL’s most prominent analysts and color commentators. With his insight into how the team operates, Aikman shared his opinion on the Cowboys’ coaching situation as well as what he believes owner Jerry Jones should do.

Troy Aikman’s history with the Cowboys

Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys Quaterback, hugs Jerry Jones, Cowboys Team owner
Troy Aikman, former Cowboys quarterback, hugs owner Jerry Jones | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When Aikman comments on the Cowboys, he knows what he’s talking about. As the Cowboys’ quarterback for 12 years, he racked up three Super Bowl titles. Only two quarterbacks in NFL history have won more: Joe Montana with four and Tom Brady with six.

Aikman played under two successful head coaches. The first was Jimmy Johnson, a successful coach at the University of Miami Hurricanes before he coached the Cowboys. Johnson won two Super Bowls. After a power struggle, Jones replaced Johnson with University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, who netted yet another ring for Dallas. 

The Cowboys have yet to find a coach who’s been as successful as those two. And this includes their last coach. 

The Jason Garrett era

Jason Garrett coached the Cowboys since 2010. During that time he has an overall record of 85-67 with only three playoff appearances and one playoff win. Garrett has the second-longest head coaching tenure in franchise history behind only the legendary Tom Landry. 

Garrett’s longevity was baffling, as the team was exceedingly mediocre over the course of his career there. The Cowboys hadn’t advanced as far as the NFC championship game, much less qualified for a Super Bowl. With his contract expiring, reports say the team was ready to move on.

The Cowboys disappointed yet again this year, going 8-8 after a promising 3-0 start. They also missed the playoffs, losing to the Eagles. A stunning Week 16 loss to Philly essentially sealed Garrett’s fate. The Cowboys needed an Eagles loss and a win over the Redskins in Week 17 to advance to the playoffs. The Eagles were victorious, knocking them out.

With the team ready to move on, Aikman commented on what Jones needs to do to be successful moving forward. He did not mince words. 

The question Troy Aikman asked Jerry Jones

When asked what Jones should do regarding his coaching situation, Aikman harkened back to his time as the team’s quarterback. Since they were successful then, he reasoned, why not return to that formula? 

“There are some teams out there that really want to win. I mean, everybody wants to win, right? But some teams will do anything they can and they don’t even know where to begin. There is more than one way to win. I understand that and I appreciate that.

But in Dallas, the way we did it, the only way it has been done under the Jones ownership has been with the head coach that everyone answered to. There was no question in the locker room who was determining our future and that was Jimmy Johnson…

Why wouldn’t you go back to what worked?”

Aikman has a point. Jones has too much control over the team and doesn’t allow his coaches the agency needed to command respect in the locker room. If he’d like to win, he needs a coach he respects and trusts, and get out of the way.

The Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy, former head coach of the Green Bay Packers, to fill Garrett’s role. McCarthy has a Super Bowl ring and could get the Cowboys back on track, but will Jones allow McCarthy enough freedom to get the job done correctly?

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