Troy Aikman Expresses True Feelings on Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation

The Dallas Cowboys have remained in a holding pattern around star quarterback Dak Prescott‘s contract situation. There is still plenty of ground to be made in the discussions, which has placed uncertainty around the matter as the July 15 deadline for an extension nears closer. Dallas has remained confident about the situation, but it has become progressively clearer that Prescott is nearing a huge payday. It’s something that former Cowboys all-time great Troy Aikman has weighed in on quite decisively on what he believes will unfold.

Dak Prescott stuck in contract discussion holding pattern

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Since the Cowboys designated the franchise tag on Dak Prescott earlier this offseason, there has been a shifting push toward the desire for a long-term extension.

Prescott has made that quite evident with his actions, neglecting to sign the tender while choosing not to participate in the voluntary workouts. The Pro Bowl doesn’t want to enter the 2020 season without a new deal and have to go through the entire ordeal once again with the constant chatter around his long-term future in Dallas.

The clear-cut approach that he has taken over the last several weeks has further emphasized the need in his eyes to hammer out a deal this summer. Now it has seen another former all-time great weigh on in the matter.

Troy Aikman believes Cowboys will give massive payday to Dak Prescott

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Throughout the process, Hall of Famer Troy Aikman has been quite vocal about his stance on Dak Prescott’s contract situation.

Aikman has been quite supportive of the 26-year-old as he has praised his leadership and command of the offense over his first few seasons in the league. The former Cowboys great has taken that a step further by stating on 105.4 The Fan on Monday that he believes Prescott will get paid massively by Dallas. (H/T UPI)

“They will pay him. He’s going to make a lot of money, and I think he’s going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys for a long, long time, and continue to have a great career,” Aikman said.

“I’ve maintained that I strongly believe that they’ll reach a deal, and he’ll have a long-term contract as opposed to playing under the franchise tag this year.

Aikman has become an enormous supporter of Prescott over the last couple of years. He may not have the personal closeness to know the exact interworkings of the Cowboys’ thought process in this matter, but his comments do lend to suggest that there will be a strong push to get this done sooner rather than later.

Cowboys have pressure to get deal done

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The longer that Dak Prescott goes without a new long-term extension from the Cowboys, the higher the chance that the team will have to shell out a more lucrative deal.

There are other factors such as Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson’s pending new deals that are sure to come at some point in the coming months. The Cowboys are up against the clock to get it done before those deals further raise the price tag and put into a territory that they are less comfortable in committing to a new contract.

It’s a bullet that they will have to bite financially with Prescott, but the longer this situation drags, the more money it will cost them. The Pro Bowler is in a “can’t lose” position, and the pressure is on Dallas to get it done ahead of the upcoming deadline that is now less than two months away.