10 Best Twitter Reactions to Kevin Durant Joining the Warriors

10 Best Twitter Reactions to Kevin Durant Joining the Warriors
Kevin Durant speaks to the media during the 2016 NBA Playoffs. | J Pat Carter/Getty Images

It’s not often that one decision can completely alter the balance of powers in a professional sports league. It usually takes a series of events to cause a shift of this magnitude. But on July 4, Kevin Durant did just that, choosing to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, and in the process, changing next season’s NBA title picture as we know it.

Although the NBA has seen its fair share of “super teams,” we’re not sure it’s ever experienced anything like this. Taking one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history and adding him to a team that won 73 regular-season games last season and already boasts three All-NBA talents (including a two-time MVP) doesn’t seem fair. As you can imagine, folks everywhere — especially on Twitter — were up in arms about this development.

While many took to social media to voice their opinions on this matter, some individuals took their creativity to the next level. In our opinion, these are the 10 Twitter reactions that best encapsulate Durant’s decision to leave OKC for Golden State.

10. The picture’s coming down

In case you’re still having trouble processing Kevin Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City, this video is a clear indication that it is very much happening. Watching KD’s picture get peeled off the side of Chesapeake Bay Arena is like witnessing an organization rip off the proverbial band-aid. This one, however, will probably sting for a while.

9. What to do with a 3-1 series lead

There’s no denying that a Warriors team with Durant is a scary thought. However, let’s not forget that he’s leaving a club that blew a 3-1 series lead to join another franchise that also blew a 3-1 series lead. Clearly, both parties (see Stephen Curry) have much to talk about.

8.”The Truth” hurts

The saddest part about Durant leaving OKC for Golden State is that he’s joining forces with the very team that knocked him and the Thunder out of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Leave it to Paul Pierce to remind us of this backwards reality. That’s why they call him “The Truth.”

7. That’s not “superstar” behavior

Denver’s Jusuf Nurki? took Pierce’s feelings one step further, essentially saying that KD is not a “superstar” because a “superstar” would never go to a team that just beat him in the postseason. We can’t wait for the first meeting between the Nuggets and Warriors in 2016–17 — there will be fireworks.

6. No more sleepless nights in Seattle

Speaking of fireworks, this is exactly how we imagine the city of Seattle celebrating the news of Durant’s departure from the Thunder. Must be karma for that time when a certain organization decided to relocate to Oklahoma City. Who’s laughing now?

5. It’s only a matter of time, right?

If Donald Trump is going to find a way to “take over” the NFL, it only makes sense that he’d have an opinion on the latest NBA drama. Blaming the President of the United States for Golden State’s recent coup seems like something the presumptive Republican nominee would do.

Next thing you know he’ll be talking about how he’s going to “make the NBA great again.” We really hope that doesn’t happen.

4. Victor Oladipo needs major consoling

After finding himself on the Oklahoma City Thunder, courtesy of a terrible draft-day decision by the Orlando Magic, Victor Oladipo must now face the harsh reality that he will not be teammates with Kevin Durant. To all those people out there who’ve reached out to him and extended their condolences, it’s time to stop. You’re not making this any easier.

3. How quickly a mood can change

All this kid wanted to do was go swimming on the Fourth of July. That dream was ruined, as he broke out in tears upon hearing the news that KD was leaving the Thunder for the Warriors. Way to ruin Miles’s day, Kevin. Now he hates you and wants to punch you in the face. Can you blame him?

2. When the NBA turns into the WWE

Nothing says betrayal like hitting your teammates in the back with a chair as you join the dark side. Here we thought this sort of treacherous behavior was reserved for the WWE. After watching this video, we guess we were wrong.

1. It’s not about following your heart…

Using this scene from The Notebook to articulate the “breakup” between Durant and longtime teammate Russell Westbrook is sheer genius. We laughed, we cried, we experienced a number of other emotions, some of which we couldn’t explain. But mostly, we laughed.