Tyler Lockett Is Ready to Be the Next Elite Receiver in the NFL

Tyler Lockett is on his way to having a career season with the Seattle Seahawks, and he is doing so thanks in large part to his synergy with quarterback Russell Wilson. Last year was a solid year, but it was nothing compared to what Lockett has shown through his first three games.

If Lockett can continue his development, he could become the next elite receiver in the NFL. With an elite quarterback by his side, the duo could become unfair for other teams.

Tyler Lockett’s journey

Although last year was Lockett’s best, most complete season on paper, Lockett’s rookie year was the one that came with the most accolades. Not only was he selected as a Pro Bowler as a rookie, but he made it into the First-Team All-Pro despite only starting half the games. He caught six passes and 31 first downs during his first campaign to go with 664 receiving yards. 

The next two years were not as good, and Lockett remained on the bench for about half of those games, failing to match the numbers of his rookie season. He only got three touchdowns and just under 1,200 yards during his second and third seasons combined.

However, going into the 2018 season Lockett saw an increased role that gave him his best season as a professional football player.

The 2018 jump

Tyler Lockett’s 2018 campaign may not have come with the accolades of his rookie year, but it was still downright impressive. Lockett went from in and out of the starting lineup to starting 14 of the season’s games. He did not disappoint in the process. Not only did he get 965 receiving yards on 57 receptions, but his catching-percentage also skyrocketed to 81%.

Diving deeper into the stat sheet, and we can see that Lockett and Wilson had a connection that is unseen in the NFL elsewhere. Lockett recorded a 158.3 passer rating when targeted.

This was better than Tyler Boyd and Mike Williams, the runners-up, by well over 20 points. With Doug Baldwin hanging up his cleats following the season, too, his role would expand even further coming into this season. 

Tyler Lockett this year

Through three weeks, Tyler Lockett has made strides from last year. He has been targeted 28 times, which is 40% of his total targets last year, and he has caught 22 of those passes.

He is also looking to shatter last year’s 956 yards with 277 through his first three games. With the Seahawks getting rid of much of the old guard, Lockett appears to be Wilson’s star receiver for the next few years. Thankfully, he is not relenting in any way. 

His 92 yards per game are the highest of his career by 32 yards. Not to mention, his receptions a game have more-than doubled. Lockett showed the superstar promise as a rookie, but with his last two seasons, the promise is becoming a reality.

The chemistry which he and Russell Wilson have with one another means that they make the most of nearly every throw that is thrown in Lockett’s direction.

Lockett has finally secured his place as a full-time starter. He has the talent and the tools to get to a level that we have not seen yet. He also has a quarterback who will let him thrive and a coach who understands how to best utilize him.

Barring catastrophe, all of this should lead to him becoming one of the best receivers in the game. Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown may have gotten all the attention leading into the NFL season, but it may be Tyler Lockett who is getting it when the season ends.