Tyson Fury Knows Just What He’s Up Against When He Faces Deontay Wilder Again

Earlier this year, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fought for a second time. While the first bout ended in a draw, the second one saw Fury deliver a commanding victory. Prior to COVID-19 stopping the sports world, there were rumors of a third fight between the two.

It’s unclear if that will still happen, or if Fury’s victory was decisive enough to make it pointless. One thing is definitely for sure, however: if they do stand toe to toe, Fury knows he’s in for a battle against Wilder. 

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury rivalry

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder exchange punches
Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder exchange punches | Al Bello/Getty Images

Wilder and Fury’s first fight took place in 2018. According to The Guardian, it was best known for its final round. That’s where both fighters pulled out all the stops. After a close match up until that point, Wilder went on the offensive.

Fury looked slightly better until that point. But in the last round, Wilder knocked him down after a right hand-left hook combo. Wilder moved to the other corner, elated, thinking he had a sure knockout. Somehow, Fury got back to his feet and finished the fight with an impressive performance for someone who’d just had his lights knocked out. 

In a controversial ending, judges ruled the fight a draw. While this left a bad taste in the mouths of many boxing fans worldwide, it did set up a compelling rematch. 

The last fight between Fury and Wilder

Fury and Wilder’s rematch was much anticipated. It featured plenty of trash talk and pageantry before the fight, as both fighters’ entrances included elaborate costumes.

According to Fox Sports, Fury had predicted a second-round knockout. While he wouldn’t achieve that lofty goal he’d set, he was dominant. Fury scored his first knockdown of Wilder in the third round with a direct blow to the head. He’d knock Wilder down yet again in the fifth round. 

As the fight progressed, Fury continued to dominate. In a truly bizarre moment, the sixth round saw Fury lick some blood off of Wilder. Not long after, the official stepped in to end the fight. The resounding defeat was Wilder’s first career loss. Following the bout, Wilder serenaded the crowd with a rendition of the song American Pie

Fury’s respect for Wilder


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While the build-up to both fights contained their fair share of bad blood, Fury had nothing but respect for Wilder after the fight finished. He told Sky Sports that he thought Wilder would be much more dangerous in a third fight between the two: 

“Still a very dangerous opponent, still a very hungry man, who is coming in there to prove his worth, to prove he can come back and become a two-time heavyweight champion.

More dangerous than the last fight, for sure.”

If Wilder and Fury do fight again, there’s no question it will garner a lot of attention from the boxing world. While it may be true that Fury was dominant in the last bout, there’s no guarantee he’ll turn in the same performance again. Wilder is a powerful puncher who only needs one solid connection to end the fight for good. 

It’s also clear from Fury’s comments that no one knows all of this better than Fury himself. Fury may win a third fight between the two, but there’s no way he will take Wilder lightly if they do make it happen. Fury’s respect for Wilder is apparent, so if he were to lose it wouldn’t be due to a lack of respect.