Tyson Fury Will ‘Smash Deontay Wilder’s Face’ Before Fighting Anthony Joshua

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has got back on the mountaintop earlier this year after handing Deontay Wilder his first career loss. It has thrust him atop of the list of his weight class, making him the marquee matchup for any of the other prominent boxers in the heavyweight division. With that building momentum, Fury has marked out his next opponent after the Wilder rematch with fights lined up against Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury back on top after win over Deontay Wilder

It has been an impressive road back to the top of the boxing world for Tyson Fury as he has overcome personal issues to become a top name in the business.

That saw him get back into tremendous shape to take on Deontay Wilder in an incredible first matchup back in December 2018 that wound up being a draw. He followed that up with three straight wins, which was topped by a convincing technical knockout victory over Wilder in February.

Fury dominated the second bout with The Bronze Bomber in a manner that he had never handled before. The 31-year-old controlled the entire fight that saw there being a stoppage during the seventh round. The win has made him the top target in the heavyweight division, which has opened the door to his next colossal fight against another powerhouse boxer.

Tyson Fury has Anthony Joshua lined up after Deontay Wilder rematch

Tyson Fury has many clamoring over his boxing future beyond the expected third fight against Deontay Wilder.

There had been much speculation in terms of what laid next for him after he completed the trilogy that included promoters calling him about possibly taking on Mike Tyson. All of that has been hammered out as Fury announced on Wednesday that he’s set to take on WBA Super heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua after he finishes up dealing with Wilder.

“The biggest fight in British history has just been agreed (to). It’s a two-fight deal versus Anthony Joshua next year. One problem, I just got smash Deontay Wilder’s face right in in the next fight. Then we go into the Joshua fight next year. So here we are, the Gypsy King versus AJ is on for next year, but there is a hurdle in the road called the Bronx Bomber and I will get back onto it and knock him back out then we get onto the big fight.”

Joshua is coming off an impressive win over Andy Ruiz Jr. back in December after he suffered a disappointing loss in their previous fight. In fact, he had the help from Fury to prepare for the second bout against Ruiz Jr. in what proved to be a convincing victory.

Tyson Fury must take care of business with Deontay Wilder


Tyson Fury Promoter Wanted to Pay Off Deontay Wilder to Avoid a Third Fight

Although there is an exciting pair of matches ahead against Anthony Joshua, Fury still has to handle the third fight against Deontay Wilder.

It may have been a commanding win over Wilder back in February; he will be more than motivated to bounce back after the first loss in his career. Keep in mind; Fury was knocked down late in first go-around against the Bronx Bomber that nearly lost him the match.

The 31-year-old should handle business the third time, but Wilder has earned the nickname the “Knockout King” for a reason as he has earned knockouts in 41 out of his 42 career wins. Beyond that, it’s clear that Fury doesn’t appear to be anywhere near done fighting in the squared circle.