U.S. 2014 World Cup Jerseys: Love or Hate?

Turns out red, white, and blue aren’t the exclusive domain of the United States of America — at least not when it comes to country Flags. When the new World Cup soccer jerseys were revealed for the U.S. team, the backlash — comparing the uniform from everything to France, to Russia, and to a popsicle — was loud and immediate. Nike, the company behind the design, told CBS Sports that, “The USA has a profound and passionate pride in their nation, [and] we wanted to create a design that reflected this in a daring and colorful fashion to give them an even more imposing appearance on the pitch.”

The World Cup, which is slated to come to Brazil in 2014, has already caused the resignation of a Pope. These new uniforms could cause the dissolution of nations, as players, confused by the too similar coloring of the kits, could score on their own goals. It could be madness. Of course, Brazil was still facing questions about their readiness to host the tournament as recently as a month ago.

For what it’s worth, the French kits, also made by Nike, look like this. The Russian kits, made by Adidas, will look like this. Neither feature stripes.

The away kits, which can be purchased from the U.S. soccer team, stand in stark contrast to the home outfits, pictured in the link above. What the home jersey loses in “patriotic colorway ” as forward and U.S. team captain Clint Dempsey put it, they gain in an obnoxiously poppable collar. That is awesome.

The World Cup is fewer than 75 days away. The United States National Team will enter in Group G, along with Germany, Ghana, and Portugal. It may be the hardest grouping in the entire tournament, and the USMNT will have to place in the top two in order to advance. They’re probably doomed, but at least they’ll look dapper during.