U.S. Open: Watch Martin Kaymer Solidify His Spot at No. 1

During his victory at Pinehurst, we’re tempted to say that Martin Kaymer cruised through the 2014 U.S. Open on the way to victory, except that Kaymer, the 29-year-old German pro, didn’t so much cruise as command, holding at least a 4-stroke lead for the entirety of the tournament and ending the opening rounds with a record-setting pair of 65-65 scores. Kaymer, who became the second German golfer to win a pair of Masters tournaments, won the Player’s Championship on Mother’s Day, giving him the rare distinction of winning a golfing event on Mother’s and Father’s Day in the same year.

“I played really really well on Thursday and Friday, and it gave me a really nice cushion,” the golfer said after winning the event in a stunning fashion. Kaymer finished 9 strokes under for a final score of 271 and was one of only three players to finish under par at all. The golfer took to the podium to express his surprise at his play. He acknowledged¬†that the third and fourth rounds were “probably the toughest round we have ever played, [owing to] the expectations you have on yourself and those that other people have as well. It’s very difficult to go through that, playing on a different continent.”

Kaymer was the No. 1¬†ranked player in the world going into this event, and his victory means that the needle is unlikely to move. It may be more fun to think about the legacy of Tiger Woods, the ongoing legal woes of Phil Mickelson or whether Rory McIlroy will ever get his swagger back, the fact that Kaymer’s proving to be a legitimately world-class golfer should not be overlooked.