How Did UFC Power Couple Mark and Montana De La Rosa Meet?

Mark and Montana De La Rosa are among the UFC’s first power couples. One of the few sports that give men and women a more balanced stage, the pair met by competing and socializing in the same MMA circles. Now, as Mark and Montana develop their family, they hope to show that they can compete at a high level as UFC fighters.

Who are Mark and Montana De La Rosa? 

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According to Tapology, Mark De La Rosa began fighting as a teenager and quickly made a career of it. Just under a year after high school, he fought in his first professional bout.

A journeyman for several years, Mark worked his way up to an 8-0 record before making his UFC debut in a fight against Tim Elliott. It was his first professional loss. After winning his next two fights, Mark began to lose the magic that got him there. Fighting as a Bantamweight, he lost all four fights in 2019 and 2020. 

According to Tapology, Montana also started fighting professionally as a teenager in 2014. Beginning in the same 24/7 Entertainment circuit as her future husband, Montana lost her first two fights before running off a six-fight winning streak. 

Despite the slow start, Dana White took notice. After winning the 2017 Ultimate Fighter finale, she became a staple at UFC events. She currently stands at 11-6-1 after her latest fight was declared a draw. While neither is the face of the sport, they’ve started something even bigger: a family.

How did they meet?

As ESPN reports, the couple met at their gym in 2014. At the time, they were both young amateurs on the verge of their professional debuts. However, as they fought to enter the octagon, they built a relationship based on their shared passion for MMA and their desires to start a family. They wed early on in their career and have remained by each other’s side since. 

Developing a relationship that’s built on fighting may sound toxic, but for two UFC stars, it’s about as sweet as it can be. Now a family, the pair has made history after fighting on the same card. However, while they approach a fighter’s prime years, they make sure that they enter it with the support of their family.

Mark and Montana on love and the octagon

Mark De La Rosa and Montana De La Rosa poses before a fight
UFC fighters and married couple Mark De La Rosa and Montana De La Rosa | Todd Lussier/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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Mark and Montana speak openly about the way their relationship survives such a cutthroat industry. While they might make opponents bleed for a job, the pair knows how to turn it off at home. Montana has a nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. According to Mark, her fighting spirit makes her the best spouse and mother that she can be. 

“Montana is a superwife/supermom. She does all that,” Mark told the UFC. “We have a tough training schedule, but as soon as we get home she’s no longer a fighter. She’s an amazing wife and amazing mother. Supermom.”

They still make time to put in the work for their day jobs, however. According to Mark, the benefit of living with another fighter is the ability to train together in ways that others cannot fully appreciate. 

“We trained together a lot, we helped each other out a lot in camp. We were there emotionally for each other. We were focused on ourselves, but also each other.”

Montana is now one of the biggest draws on the woman’s side, while Mark is still trying to regain his legs after his recent cold spell. While there might be many ups and downs in the octagon, however, the pair appears happy, healthy, and willing to work together as they build their relationship away from the sport, too.