UFC President Dana White Just Sent a Serious Warning to the NFL

Everyone is taking extreme measures to stay safe. However, die-hard NFL fans will attest that the approach to this year’s season is not what anyone predicted. So much careful preparation and thought have gone into how to handle the situation in the best way. Now, UFC President Dana White just sent a serious warning to the NFL.

Some background on UFC President Dana White

Dana White is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. To say he has a strong presence is a huge understatement. As one of the most recognizable faces in sports, he’s as outspoken as he is business-savvy.

Born in 1969, the UFC President attended Hermon High School in Maine. After graduating, he began his career in sports and has never looked back. That’s not to say White’s rise to the top hasn’t come without bumps along the way. It took a few years before a friend bought the UFC, and White was made president.

Despite these difficulties and a few minor health challenges, White has stayed on top of his game. His hard work and dedication have helped him make the UFC so impressive. At this point, he boasts an impressive net worth of over $500 million dollars.

White just sent a serious warning to the NFL

It is pretty safe to say that when White talks, people listen. So, what is the serious warning that he just sent to the NFL? Well, as many fans know, White is a huge NFL fan, and he has concerns about the new season. It turns out that he’s advising the current season to be played in a bubble. And he’s quite adamant about the idea.

In an interview, White went so far as to say, “They cannot pull this off without a bubble” and “people can not be snuck in.” White knows that the pandemic takes priority over everything. It looks like he honestly feels that this is the only way for the current season to take place.

The NFL’s steps to protect players and fans this season


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Precautions are being taken all over the world, and the NFL is definitely doing its part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep players and fans as safe as possible. So, what are they doing? With over 60 players opting out of participating in the current season, it would appear as if everyone is doing whatever is necessary.

Daily testing, except for game days, is strongly encouraged for all players. C coaches and players are required to wear masks on the sidelines. While a few teams are allowing fans to attend games, for the most part, most people must watch from home. We can only hope that the pandemic will be over quickly and everything will return to normal.