UFC President Dana White Made Uros Medic’s Dream Come True: ‘This Dude Is Right Up My Alley’

There are many ways to get into the UFC. Surprisingly, the organization’s reality TV shows give fighters ways to compete for a contract. The UFC has a few reality series, including the popular show The Ultimate FighterOne of the other reality shows is Dana White’s Contender Series, which helped get Uros Medic to join the UFC. 

What is ‘Dana White’s Contender Series’? 

Often abbreviated as just DWCS, the show is less of a reality show and more of a laid-back UFC event. As Insider reports, DWCS has made a return on ESPN+ despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. That said, the UFC is taking precautions as the events lack audiences. DWCS isn’t just a smaller-scale UFC event though; it does do a few things differently. 

For example, the whole premise of DWCS is to find new fighters to join the UFC. As a result, most who compete in the show aren’t necessarily UFC-caliber. Furthermore, since most fighters in the show aren’t actually UFC fighters, they aren’t fighting for the same things that UFC fighters are. 

Rather than getting a title shot, most DWCS fighters just want a UFC contract. The organization will grant the best-performing fighters a contract, though it’s ultimately up to Dana White and the staff behind the scenes. Other than those differences, DWCS is, for all intents and purposes, a real MMA event. The results will go on the fighter’s records, win or lose.

How Uros Medic’s UFC dream came true

Like Insider reported, Uros Medic, who’s from Serbia, is a young and up and coming fighter who had a 5-0 record before he made his debut on the first show of season four of DWCS. There, in under three minutes, Medic knocked his opponent, Mikey Gonzalez, out. This wasn’t any other knockout either. Medic is a skilled kickboxer and he proved that with his impressive knockout combo. 

After this win, White shook Medic’s hand and told him “That was badass,” according to Insider. Unsurprisingly, Medic earned himself a UFC contract, and it made his dreams come true. That said, Medic isn’t done yet, and he’s hopeful that he’ll have a long career in the UFC.

Medic told White that he was ready to fight whenever the UFC wanted him to, according to Insider. White then told Medic, “Be careful what you ask for,” to which Medic replied, “Put my number on speed-dial.” This mentality is exactly what White wants to see in a fighter, as he said afterwards, “This dude is right up my alley.” 

Should Medic be careful of what he asks for?


Dana White Reveals All-Time Favorite UFC Fight and It’s Not Who You Think

White hasn’t been shy about what kinds of fighters he likes to see. Like he implied in his conversation with Medic, he likes fighters who are willing to fight often and always. But, unfortunately for those fighters, the UFC may not be paying them well, according to ESPN. Jorge Masvidal, whose nickname is “Gamebred,” loves to fight, and he loves to fight often. 

Yet, like ESPN said, he was locked in a contract dispute with the UFC over pay for a long while. It was only after Gilbert Burns tested positive for COVID-19 that the UFC finally decided to pay Masvidal what he was worth so that he could save the event.

As that situation showed, it’s helpful for the UFC to have fighters who are ready to fight at any time. That said, it also showed that the UFC will try hard to pay its fighters less than what they’re worth. In Medic’s case, this might be the future that he’s heading for.