7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
The Houston Cougars uniforms are something else | Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of college football, then you probably tuned into the Week 12 matchup between the Louisville Cardinals and Houston Cougars. With the former ranked No. 5 in the latest CFP rankings, this showdown was destined have major implications on the future state of the College Football Playoff. And while that’s exactly what ended up happening, our attention turned elsewhere.

Right from the start, Houston decimated Louisville. The Cougars took it to the Cardinals, defeating them by the score of 36-10, and in the process, ending any hopes they had of playing for a championship. Like most, we probably should’ve been blown away by this performance. But, we weren’t. Instead, we were fixated on how terrible the uniforms were — and this isn’t the first time.

Throughout the course of college football history, teams have started to get more and more adventure with their uniform choices. As you might expect, for all the hits, there are far more misses. In our opinion, these seven are the ugliest uniforms of the bunch.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
It’s OK to feel bad for Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Just because you’re among the winningest programs in college football history doesn’t mean you’re allowed to subject fans to this kind of eyesore. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish should know better. The green jersey doesn’t work; the leprechaun on the sleeves — among other places — is comical at best; and don’t get us started on the helmet. It’s like the decision-makers chose to take all that’s good about the team’s traditional gold lid and bog it down with unnecessary mess.

We’re not fans of the two-tone stripe down the middle, and we think the two-tone face mask is completely ridiculous. Worst of all, it looks like someone took a bucket of gold glitter and dumped it all over the helmet. We think the Irish should avoid this look in the future.

2. Minnesota Golden Gophers

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
What were the Minnesota Golden Gophers thinking with these uniforms? | Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Although we’re discussing football uniforms, it’s clear the Minnesota Golden Gophers struck out big time with this stylistic decision. Whoever thought it was a good idea to place two connecting “M’s” on the chest of the jersey has a lot of explaining to do. That’s not concern for the task at hand on the players’ faces; it’s embarrassment for having to wear these uniforms out in public. Never again, Minnesota. Never again.

3. Colorado State Rams

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
The Colorado State Rams should avoid these throwbacks at all costs | Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In case there was any confusion, these are not the Miami Hurricanes. They are actually the Colorado State Rams, who are paying tribute to a time when the school was known as the Colorado Agricultural & Mechanical College. And that “A” on the shoulder pads? That’s in reference to its past nickname: the Aggies. From the orange to the green to the weird “Rams horn” on the helmet, nothing about these uniforms works. The way we see it, there is a time and place for throwback uniforms. This is not one of them.

4. Wyoming Cowboys

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
They Wyoming Cowboys should burn these uniforms | Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Wyoming Cowboys have a problem. They’re tasked with trying to make brown and yellow look good on a football uniform. This is like trying to make “fetch” happen. It simply cannot be done. And if you don’t stop, this is what could happen. Oddly enough, the use of yellow pants isn’t what bothers us most. It’s the “WYO” across the chest. Here’s a three-letter word that feels more appropriate — Why?

5. Western Michigan Broncos

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
Western Michigan’s uniforms are atrocious | Michael Hickey/Getty Images

These Western Michigan uniforms are extremely uncomfortable to look at. As if the cream jersey wasn’t bad enough, we’re forced to endure whatever that gold and brown monstrosity on the shoulder pads is supposed to be. Honestly, are those canoe paddles? Hey, at least they managed to tone down the helmet. Could you imagine what it would look if the lid was brown, gold, shiny, and convoluted with a messy design and a massive Bronco head on each side? Oh, wait…

6. Kansas Jayhawks

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
These Kansas Jayhawks uniforms are downright terrible | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

No, no, and more no. The Kansas Jayhawks have no business wearing these uniforms on the football field. Going “all red” is bad enough, but it’s made all the worse thanks to a ridiculous chrome helmet; one that features a stripe down the middle and a “Jayhawk” and “KU” on either side. Yet, nothing is more awful than the use of the team’s logo on the shoulder pads. Seriously, we don’t know what’s worse. The sack the above quarterback is about to take or seeing oneself in the mirror wearing this uniform? You decide.

7. Maryland Terrapins

7 Ugliest Uniforms in College Football History
Maryland’s uniforms are no reason to celebrate | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what the Maryland state flag looks like? Now you don’t have to; it’s written all over these Terrapins uniforms. Look, there’s nothing wrong with showing a little state pride. It’s good for the community. But, at some point, there is such thing as “overkill.” For an example of when said line was more than likely crossed, please turn your attention to the above helmets.