Vegas Odds Give Saints a Major Boost for Super Bowl 54 Chances

The season’s halfway point is here, and the Super Bowl odds are shifting on a week-to-week basis. Although the top NFL team is not exactly a surprise, some teams’ odds are getting a major boost. As the competition heats up, any injury or rehabilitation will greatly change the odds of the franchises vying to hold the Lombardi Trophy come February.

According to The Action Network, these are the teams with the greatest odds entering the second half of the season. 

Preseason changes

The Colts’ odds of winning the Super Bowl plummeted when Andrew Luck announced his retirement in late August, reports The Action Network. The team had +1000 odds of winning before but plummeted to 8,000 after the announcement. To the Colts’ credit, the odds are closer to where they once were, boasting +2800 odds to win it all through eight weeks. 

Conversely, the Jaguars jumped from +6000 to +2000 but now stand at 10,000. The Rams, despite making the last Super Bowl, dropped from +600 to +1400 in the offseason. Now, it stands at +2000 after early struggles for the team.

4. Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens (+1600)

All three teams run imperfect operations, but their odds have remained in the +1000-3000 range for most of the season. If the Vikings get a boost to the offense, they could break out, but smart money may make the Ravens the most likely to end the season on a rush thanks to their young quarterback and growing confidence. 

3. (tie) San Francisco 49ers (+1000)

Perhaps the team with the least amount of expectations entering the season, the Niners’ odds have steadily improved since the team started the season. Starting at +4000, the Niners are tied with the Chiefs. They’ve also seen the largest boost since the beginning of the season among the NFL’s top teams. Oddsmakers remain cautious, however, as the Niners have not had a tough schedule despite their lossless schedule.

3. (tie) Kansas City Chiefs (+1000)

The Chiefs’ odds have declined due to Patrick Mahomes’ injury and recent struggles. Although Kansas City was second in the league just two weeks ago, they’re tied for third now. If the team does not find the consistency it showed over the last two seasons, the 49ers will dethrone them.

2. (tie) Green Bay Packers (+500)

The Packers haven’t had a perfect season, but they keep winning. The win over the Kansas City Chiefs gave them the edge over Mahomes’ crew. Aaron Rodgers has been his classic self, and the Packers’ odds have steadily improved. Should they keep up current play and the Saints falter ever-so-slightly, Green Bay could enter the top two.

2. (tie) New Orleans Saints (+500)

Although the New Orleans Saints’ odds improved with the return of Drew Brees, their odds while Teddy Bridgewater threw the ball were still in the top-tier. Despite Brees’s injury, New Orleans remained one of the best NFL teams. It’s also noteworthy that the top two teams’ odds have the two oldest quarterbacks in the league. 

1. New England Patriots (+250)

The New England Patriots were the odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl following their victory in February; they were the favorites entering Week 1 this season; and they are still the favorites halfway through. At any given moment during any season in the last 19 years, there’s a good chance this was the case, too. How exciting.