Are the Vikings Having Second Thoughts About QB Kirk Cousins?

In March 2018, Kirk Cousins signed a three-year contract with the Vikings as their new quarterback. Intent on building a winning team, Minnesota took a chance with him after they studied the six seasons he played with the Washington Redskins. Now that we’re in the second year of his contract, how well is he holding up his end to earn the $84 million they signed him for?

Kirk Cousins’ slow start with the Vikings

Are the Vikings having second thoughts about giving Kirk Cousins so much money?
Kirk Cousins. | Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Kirk Cousins left the Redskins with a 64.3% completion percentage for the 2017 season. His first year with the Vikings included 10 interceptions and nine fumbles, but he was able to complete 425 passes out of 606 attempts. When it came to the biggest game of the year, however, the one that could’ve sent Minnesota to the playoffs, Cousins’ performance fell short

When they needed him the most, he just couldn’t bring it.

His season stats weren’t bad, but it’s what he can muster up in a swift moment during a key play that matters. At the end of last year, he hadn’t yet proven that he’s capable of that or worthy of the millions he’s earning. The 2019 season is set to be crucial for his future with the Vikings. If this year goes bad, Minnesota can use the NFL draft in April to prepare for life without Cousins.

How is Kirk Cousins holding up so far this season?

Kirk’s first week of the season against the Falcons had him concentrating predominantly on the running game. He completed 8-of-10 passes for a total of 98 yards. He also bagged himself a touchdown with an unexpected quarterback sneak play. Not too bad for the season opener, but not much passing was going on.

The second game, against Green Bay, didn’t turn out so well. Cousins’ disappointed fans with his 14 completed passes out of a whopping 30 attempts. He also threw an interception in the end zone during the fourth quarter of the game. Kirk owned the 21-16 loss, saying that, “I won’t be quarterback here if I play the way I did this past Sunday.”

Are the Vikings regretting their decision to have Kirk Cousins as QB?

Despite Kirk Cousins’ less than impressive start to the season, the Vikings continue to stand by their quarterback. Coach Mike Zimmer went as far as to say that they “have the utmost confidence in him.” He feels that Cousins will do just fine for the rest of the season. That pleased Kirk Cousins because he showed appreciation for Zimmer’s vote of confidence in him. He also acknowledged that he had to earn it, which might be enough of a motivator for him to perform at his best from now on.

True to his word, Zimmer’s Vikings beat the Raiders with a 34-14 victory this past Sunday. Kirk redeemed himself by completing 15 of 21 passes, one resulting in a touchdown. With 174 passing yards under his belt, he proved that he was a fearless warrior on the field.

Fans are now waiting to see what he’ll do against the Bears defensive line. While that game turned things around for this highly paid quarterback, it’s still too early to tell what the season will bring. The real test will be in whether he can continue this strong streak against some of the tougher teams coming up in the next few weeks.

With the coach and his fellow players backing him, it looks like Cousins has a fighting chance moving forward. Only time will tell, though, if the winning team, Minnesota envisioned in 2018, will come to fruition. In the meantime, Kirk’s locked into the contract until after the 2020 season.