Vince Carter Documentary Soaring Onto Streaming Service This Fall

Only Robert Parish and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in more NBA regular-season games than Vince Carter’s 1,541. But when the eight-time All-Star retired at the end of the 2019–20 campaign, no one had played longer than the player dubbed “Half-Man/Half-Amazing.” With 22 seasons in the books, Carter logged one more than NBA players Parish, Kevin Willis, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki. A documentary about his record career will premiere in the fall of 2021 on the Crackle Plus Networks.

Vince Carter: Legacy features exclusive interviews with NBA greats and never-before-seen footage. Rather than focusing merely on his playing career, which was legendary, the film looks to define Carter’s place in the game. A major focus is the emotions of his farewell season with the Atlanta Hawks.

Vince Carter played through four presidents

Vince Carter played a record 22 years in the NBA and is the topic of a documentary set to premiere in October
Vince Carter played a record 22 years in the NBA and is the topic of a documentary set to premiere in October. | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Debuting in the lockout-shortened 1998–99 season, Vince Carter played in the NBA while four different presidents occupied the White House. Beginning with Bill Clinton’s final years in office, Carter’s career spanned through the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as most of Donald Trump’s tenure.

He was a superstar as Air Canada, leading the Toronto Raptors to prominence for the first time, and later with the New Jersey Nets. But he essentially played so long he had two careers.

There were the days of legend with the Raptors and Nets from 1999–2009. But just as impressive was the transition to role player from 2010–20; few players have 11-year careers, let alone two of them.

Carter made eight consecutive All-Star Games from 2000–07, was twice named All-NBA, and was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1998–99.  What his career lacked was a championship ring. His teams only reached the playoffs 11 times. The 2010 Eastern Conference Finals while with the Orlando Magic was the deepest he ever made it into the postseason.

His transition from a high-flyer to spare part carried him through 22 seasons. He scored more than 25,000 points, 19th on the all-time list. Some may claim he doesn’t have a Hall of Fame case because he spent so long accumulating stats; he still averaged 16.7 points per game in his career. Over his first 11 seasons, that mark was 23.5.

Carter entertained an entire generation of fans, and then some

Early in his career, Vince Carter launched “Vinsanity” with his performance in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest. In his only appearance in the All-Star Weekend fixture, Carter wowed the crowd.

Later that year, in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Carter threw down the dunk heard worldwide. He vaulted 7-foot-2 French big man Frédéric Weis, a former first-round pick of the New York Knicks.

While with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2015–16, Carter was named the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year winner. His impact went beyond numbers at that point, as he was teaching young players how to be NBA professionals.

That aspect of his career is as much a part of the documentary as his stunning array of highlights.

Vince Carter partnered with the players union for the film


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THINK450 put together Vince Carter: Legacy. The firm partners with the National Basketball Players Association to provide content about the union’s members. Per Deadline, the company received exclusive access to document Carter’s final season with the Atlanta Hawks.

According to Anthony Rodriguez of Lineage, which co-produced the documentary, it’s about more than dunks and jump shots.

“Most of the world knows Vince Carter for his highlight-reel dunks — but as Legacy reveals, the man himself and his contributions to the game encompass far more than a few iconic moments.”

It’s part of a growing list of Crackle’s basketball-themed programming. Promiseland was a six-part docuseries about Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. It has also aired On Point, following then-AAU players Romeo Langford, Scottie Lewis, and Emmitt Williams; and Anything is Possible: The Serge Ibaka Story. That film documents Ibaka’s journey from The Republic of Congo to the NBA.

Vince Carter: Legacy will premiere on Crackle in October.

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference.