Warren Moon Believes He Knows Why Colin Kaepernick Is Not in the NFL

The conversation around Colin Kaepernick‘s NFL future has become a prominent topic of discussion over the last few weeks. It has seen things ramp up toward the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback getting another opportunity to prove that he still belongs in the league after a nearly four-year absence. There have been suggested reasons why Kaepernick remains on the outside looking in for another NFL shot. Hall of Famer Warren Moon has voiced why he still believes that is the case.

Colin Kaepernick’s push to get back into the NFL

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Throughout the entire process, Colin Kaepernick has made it abundantly clear that he wants another chance to play in the NFL.

Those opportunities have not come often that has led to him remaining without a spot on an NFL roster. Much of which has come from the perceived distractions due to kneeling during the national anthem. There hasn’t been a question about whether he has the talent to play in the league.

The increased social issues that have occurred over the last several weeks have heightened the push for change, with many players taking a strong stance. That alone has increased the dialogue around getting Colin Kaepernick another chance at continuing his NFL career. That has even seen commissioner Roger Goodell publicly encourage teams to sign the 32-year-old.

There has yet to be any movement in that direction, in which one Hall of Famer believes he knows why that is the case.

Warren Moon’s stance on why Colin Kaepernick is out of the NFL

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The last couple of weeks have seen several teams voice that they would give Colin Kaepernick a chance to compete for a roster spot. Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson stated that they could envision bringing him aboard.

In the days that have followed, that hasn’t led to either team going through with that action. During a recent interview with KNN, Hall of Famer Warren Moon stated that he believes that teams have to see him fully committed to being a quarterback and not get involved with the current social justice protests across the country. (H/T ClutchPoints)

“Is it in your heart to play football. Because there’s a lot going on with the protests. If you’re that involved in this, you can’t be that involved football. If you are not all in as the quarterback in the NFL, they don’t want you on the football team because you have to be committed.”

That is quite a hard stance as it would mean that Kaepernick can’t put forth any help to those directly involved with the protests. That may not be something that Kaepernick will shy away from as his Know Your Rights Camp donated a “substantial sum” to the attorneys in Minnesota and other various locations to help defend protestors.

It’s a stance from Moon that shows that the NFL may want him to have no association with those social movements and focus entirely on football.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another shot in the NFL?

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These comments from Warren Moon only further heighten the dialogue around Colin Kaepernick’s NFL future.

There is a clear desire from Kaepernick to get back in the league; it’s just whether he will get that opportunity to prove he can be a viable quarterback. The increased number of teams voicing that they could bring aboard and Goodell airing a similar sentiment are encouraging signs. However, it’s all talk until he’s given a workout from a team.

Organizations know where Colin Kaepernick stands with his quest to return to the NFL, it’s on the league to make it happen.